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Regardless of the month, you deserve a love song dedicated to you


If actions speak louder than words, music amplifies feelings ten times over. This love month, you’ve probably seen a lot of couples dedicate their favorite love songs to their significant others. Or you might have been one from the receiving end. Regardless of what your relationship status is or what month it is, you deserve a love song dedicated to you. Here are some of the best songs to listen to (Valentines or not):


Let Somebody Go by Coldplay feat. Selena Gomez

Did you ever find a love you thought that would never end? Have you ever heard of the saying: Right person, wrong time? Well, this might just apply to you. It’s complex and better said than done but maybe you’re better letting go and moving forward. Maybe someday, somewhere, you’ll meet each other again… Listen to Let Somebody Go by the legendary Coldplay and Selena Gomez, and you might just realize the signs.


I Love Myself In Loving You by Jamie Miller

Remember the 5 stages of grief? Healing is probably the hardest yet most fulfilling of all. There will be ups and downs to a person’s healing process but what’s most important is you’re doing it. Acknowledge the pain. Open yourself to joy. Take it one step at a time. Time is always meant to heal the fall. Take it from Here’s Your Perfect hitmaker, Jamie Miller in his brand new song I Love Myself In Loving You.


Line Without a Hook by Ricky Montgomery

Hey, every person has needs. You have Mr. Maslow detailing it out for us. It’s not a sin to need someone – craving for physical intimacy or mental stimulation or just someone to understand you. Take a break from being strong and independent, and sing your lungs out to Ricky Montgomery’s Line Without a Hook.


Real Thing feat. Tori Kelly by Pink Sweat$

You know when you first realize you’ve found your person? That feeling like you’re floating in heaven because you got the real thing? This song is exactly that. Pink Sweat$ and Tori Kelly serving you with their beautiful vocals and runs over a chill, acoustic duet. It just makes you sigh and think… Ahhhhh, love.


I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Do we have to explain this? If we could put all Jason Mraz songs in here, believe us we would. His album, Lalalalovesongs, perfectly documents everything we feel when we’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow. You can’t debate with us on this – I’m Yours is a classic and will stand the test of time as being one of the best love songs ever. Period.


I’ll Never Not Love You by Michael Buble

If there’s ILYSB, then there’s INNLY. Our resident crooner, Michael Buble, lists down all the things he’ll never do (and not do) to the love of his life – and maybe you should to! This one is quite new but we’re already seeing this as a future classic. And have you seen the music video? He said it serves as the sequel to his Haven’t Met You Yet video 12 years ago. Absolutely brilliant!


abcdefu by GAYLE

You must have heard this one from TikTok. It’s not exactly a love song for someone but maybe for yourself? Are you done with all the bull – your broke-down car, so-called art, everything but your dog? Express your angst!!! GAYLE, a seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter from the US, wrote this song for you and the others who streamed this song 421 million times.


I Love You So by The Walters

Is it complicated? Need to give it structure? If you dare, send this song (or better yet, sing it) to that person and check their reaction. The Walters’ I Love You So is TikTok-trending for a reason.


lowkey by NIKI

If you like to keep your relationship lowkey, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s great too! You do you! Shout it for the world to hear and see. Love for a long time, not just every summertime.


Love It When You Hate Me by Avril Lavigne

If you think love sux (!!!) and you can’t help but get angry or sad or disappointed about what went wrong, don’t fret, your feelings are valid. Should you need to let some steam out, try shouting every single word from Avril Lavigne’s new tracks, Bite Me and Love It When You Hate Me feat. blackbear. Wear your black liner too for added effect. Or maybe, crank up the volume and listen to her whole album, Love Sux, out February 25. 


Whatever you’re feeling, there’s a song out there to help you express it. Here’s a playlist of all our inner monologues:


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