Kemrie Embarks On A Reckless Love Affair In New Single, Palms of Two Sinners

Christian Melanie Lee
Rising singer-songwriter Kemrie finally releases her much anticipated single this year, “Palms of Two Sinners” under Universal Records.


The bright and summery track follows her 2021 single “Cruel House”. Over happy-sounding beats, and vibrant rhythms that keep pulsating to your senses, Kemrie is in most carefree and thrilled she’s ever sounded.

“Coz happy is the phone call / Every night, with my side eye / We're lovers in the rainfall / with my time, I'll bring you to whatever you please,” she sings. “Ooh, ooh, feel it go boom / Into you, I put my heart on the sleeve”

“Palms of Two Sinners” is a song about that free-spirited and assertive love affair that’s keeping two people feel alive. It is the refreshing tune perfect for someone who just wants to enjoy the sweet trip with another happy-go-lucky soul.

Kemrie loves to share her profound thoughts about the making of this remarkable single.

“I think of myself as innocent as a baby, polite, yet true to her feelings. I obey, but at the same time, I know what I want. But it hit different when I started having phone calls with someone I loved before, it builds up this idea of paradise, and your mind and your heart don’t correlate for the first time. I’m always living in my purest of thoughts, and I treasure them so much that when I have encountered this type of love for the first time, it felt ‘sinful’, I don’t know why I think of it that way, but other than my religion, it just... felt like it and eventually I had to find a way to stop it because the toxicity was getting too addicting, I was changing in an uncomfortable way, with just simple phone calls. When I put myself in different worlds, it’s always in the extremes.

Some days I wanna be so miserable and reckless so I live that, other days I wanna just relax and take my time, so I live that. But the experience with the person was both, and it created so much conflict within me. It was love stuck in between, and I didn’t know how to connect them, frankly it was just hinting me all this time that it was meant to fade, coz at the end of the day, you would always choose yourself. But I’m very grateful for the experience.”

“Palms of Two Sinners” now available on your favorite digital streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer under Universal Records.

Stream “Palms of Two Sinners”:

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