4 Best Things That Happened at 2022 K-POP MASTERZ IN MANILA

Gelo de Vera

Pulp Live World makes a sold-out comeback at the MOA Arena with 2022 K-POP Masterz in Manila featuring boy group Treasure plus K-POP superiors BamBam and Jackson. Less than two months ago, the Filipino K-POP community was surprised with a teaser announced by PULP, highlighting 12 K-Artists, 1 stage, and 3 hours of music. With a demand so high, sections of the arena was maximized up until show day, with Pulp's "HWAITING LOUNGE" only releasing a few tickets which were sold out on the same morning. The line-up surely did not disappoint as it featured one of the biggest rising K-POP groups and 2 legendary soloists that are members of GOT7. 

Here’s everything that went down last night! 

Treasure Meets Their Teume for The First Time

The boys of Treasure surely felt Manila’s heat with a very warm and loud welcome from their fans who have been waiting long for a live experience with their favorite group. Treasure Makers were in for a treat as their boys performed most of their hits and played a few games for the crowd to enjoy. On top of this, Teumes also sang a very memorable “Happy Birthday” to Jaehyuk, who celebrated his birthday last July 23. Treasure played games like “Bato Bato Pik”, “One Body, One Soul”, and “Ddakji” which showcased the members’ different personalities. 

It was very evident that the members of Treasure felt overwhelmed with their reactions over the loud fanchants and cheers from their Treasure Makers. They performed “JIKJIN”, “MY TREASURE”, “MMM”, “I LOVE YOU”, “BOY”, and “DARARI”. Fans can’t express enough how badly a solo concert is needed with their loud chants for an encore. Nevertheless, Treasure sure made non-fans fall in love with them and Treasure Makers only feeling more passion over them. 

BamBam Becoming a Lowkey Filipino 

Ever since landing in the Philippines, fans of BamBam have pointed out how their favorite boy is slowly turning into a Filipino. 

From tweeting “Shot puno” to hanging out with James Reid and Liza Soberano, he is definitely learning a lot about the culture and almost making the Philippines another “home”. BamBam, for his first ever solo performance in Manila, performed his hits “Ride or Die”, “Look So Fine”, “Who Are You”, “Pandora”, and “riBBon”. He also sat down for an interview and played “BB’s Y or N” which allowed BamBam to share a lot about himself, even sharing how he finds the country’s Bangus the best fish he’s ever had. 

Fans surely will not forget the experience of also hearing BamBam sing in Filipino with the OPM hit “Ngiti”, which he promised to Ahgases a few years back.

Sandara Park 

As a surprise from BamBam, he brought long-time friend Sandara Park as a treat for all Masterz. 

This got the crowd off their feet and excited as Dara also performed a light version of 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care”. The Pambansang Krung Krung also shared that the performance was not planned at all, even just going up onstage without a mic and her in-ears. On Twitter, she also shared that she didn’t even bring stage outfits to perform with. Aside from the 2NE1 surprise song, Dara also joined BamBam for a song while going around the extended stages and meeting the Masterz. 

Jackson’s Flirting Skills

Jackson ended the night with a passionate performance featuring “Cruel”, “Blow”, “Magic Man”, and “100 Ways”

Aside from the sexy dance moves and smooth vocals he showcased, the highlight of the night was definitely how he showed his flirty side just by looking leaving fans simply screaming “Sana all” to host Kring Kim. 

The all-rounder sat down for an interview and explained a few photos flashed on the screen, allowing his fans to get to know more about him and his recent activities. When asked what he first thinks when he hears “Philippines”, he simply answered the warmth of the fans. Jackson’s performance solidifies how he wants to be seen as a solo performer- tantalizing and confident with his self produced work. A powerhouse entertainer.    

What makes 2022 K-POP Masterz in Manila “worth it”? Simply put, no fan dared to leave the bowl after the last performance. It simply welcomed back K-concerts in the Philippines and definitely made the community only crave more from Pulp Live World and their favorite K-Artists. Indeed, it was a night to remember with the blue-green ocean and us K-POP fans having our eyes on the next “Masterz” event immediately in the Philippines. 

Photos shot by Christian Melanie Lee using Fujifilm XT100 and realme 9 Pro.

Select photos and words by Gelo De Vera.

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