Beautiful Scars hitmaker Maximillian stunned his Filipino fans during his Eastwood show

Caren Gudiaga


The Danish singer-songwriter Maximillian visited Manila for the first time and performed for his Filipino fans. Maximillian arrived in the Philippines a few days before his 2-night show. He guested in CNN Philippines and other radio stations to promote his shows. 

Eastwood Mall was very loud when Maximillian and his 2 bandmates took the stage and performed 'Still Alive' as their first song. Maximillian was wearing a denim jacket with his name printed at the back but took it off shortly. Can't blame the Manila weather. Welcome to the Philippines! 

He then performed 'Higher', the first song he ever wrote and followed by 'Love Like This' where he shared a little about his past relationship. The song is about realizing when you have to leave someone. After that he performed 'Strangers'.

Maximillian now decided to take some chill performance and sat in front of the stage with Anders, his guitarist, and sings 'Letters'. He wrote this song for his bestfriend, adding that this song is about missing someone that you really appreciate.

Filipino fans were singing with him in each song he plays. Performing 'I Know Better' and 'On My Mind', one of my favorite songs from Maximillian, and 'If You Wanna' for his 8th song he performed.

Surprising his fans with his new song 'I'm Not Me' and shared a little background of the song that he is that kind of guy that "I gave too much of myself" in a relationship but he laughs shortly after he said that and fans went wild. He then explains that he gave so much that he became not his self anymore that's why it's "I'm Not Me". The song is also about realizing our worth and learning to love our self more. 

'Beautiful Scars' is probably his most famous song up to this date. He created this song in a small studio in Stockholm without any expectations that it will reach millions of fans all over the world.

 Everyone is looking forward to see and  hear this gem song live. Maximillian pauses a bit and let the fans sings some of the lyrics of 'Beautiful Scars'. He said that he won't come here all the way from Denmark just to sing this song all by himself. He wants to sing it with his Filipino fans. 

Ending the night with his song 'Ripples' from his 'Still Alive (Deluxe Edition) album. Everyone were singing with this mellow track. Bittersweet moment that this is his last song before the night came to an end. 

In the middle of  his last song, Maximillian thanked everyone who supported him and promise to continue writing songs. He added that he cannot wait to come back again. Filipinos were very warm to him and he said "Maraming Salamat" (Thank You) to everyone. 

L-R: Jeppe Klausen (drummer) and Anders Kirkegaard (guitarist)

Thank you so much, Maximillian for this wonderful night. 
Thank you UMUSIC Philippines for making this event possible. 

Photos: Caren Gudiaga (@omgcaren)

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