PPop Groups shared one stage: Tugatog Filipino Music Festival

Caren Gudiaga

 P-pop is a growing genre in the Philippines and also being recognized in other countries as well. Tugatog Filipino Music Festival is an event where our very own Pinoy Pop groups and OPM artists unite in one stage. 

  Press Hit Play, VXON, Yara, Daydream performed 'Dati'.

Tugatog Filipino Music Festival was initially set as an online concert but being pushed through to have live audiences and became a successful concert that fans gathered together inside the Mall of Asia Arena last July 15.

The line up consist of P-pop groups such as: BGYO, BINI, MNL48, Alamat, Ppop Generation, LITZ, 1st.One, VXON, Press Hit Play, Dione, Calista, R Rules, G22, Yara, Daydream and two OPM icons Zack Tabudlo and The Juans. Total of 17 acts in just one event. 

Press Hit Play performed their hit songs such as 'Yuno', 'Sambit', and WIN. They also collaborated with the P-pop girl group Litz and performed 'Tell Me'. 

VXON showcasing their talents at the Tugatog stage performing their songs

The Juans is also present at the event performing their hits such as 'Umaga', Salamin' and 'Hindi Tayo Pwede'.

The Top Class trainees were also present at the event and performed Sam Concepcion's Diwata. Top Class is a P-pop reality show being aired in TV 5.

The stage was literally lit by the performances of each group with the great visuals and lights. Performers sang their own hit songs and some collaborated with other groups as well. For me the collaboration part was one of the highlights from the concert. You can't experience that in any event only in Tugatog Filipino Music Festival. 

The Juans and 1st.One then became '1st.Juans' on that night as they performed 'Atin ang Mundo'.

The loudest crowd goes to the man himself Zack Tabudlo as he serenade the fans with his hits such as 'Nangangamba', 'Habang Buhay', 'Pano' and 'Binibini'. 

Tugatog performers now gathered at the main stage and perform 'Tugatog' as their Finale. 

If you missed the chance to see this year's Tugatog Filipino Music Festival don't be sad because this won't be the last! After the successful event they will definitely be doing more festivals in the near future. 

Tugatog Filipino Music Festival is co-presented by Kumu, realme and powered by Ulam Mama.

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