4 Best Things That Happened During K-POP Masterz 2 In Manila

Gelo de Vera

Araneta Coliseum was packed last September 23 as idols iKON, Youngjae make a return to the Philippine stage with first-time-Manila-performer ATEEZ. Fans were in for an experience-of-a-lifetime with a night of energetic K-POP songs and laughter brought about by host Ryan Bang. Here are our favorite moments about the show!

The Unique Stage Set Up 

Pulp Live World did not disappoint fans from all different sections of the coliseum at the organizers took their time and effort designing a unique stage for the 3 performers. Enough time were spent on the 2 main stages with performances and interviews. Idols also got to roam around the sides performing for the fans watching from the higher floors and also engaging with those on the floor area.

Playing With The Idols

All artists that performed at K-POP Masterz were game in engaging with Ryan Bang as they played different activities for the Filipino fans. Youngjae shared TMIs during a game of T.M.I Talk. ATEEZ got to play a relay mission with different games such as archery, sepak takraw, and relay quiz. For iKON, they did a round of “Make A Sentence,” continuing phrases showed on-screen. Fans definitely got to spend their well-deserved time getting to know more about their favorite idols. Plus, it was refreshing to see all artists engage with comedian Ryan Bang while playing the games.

Full-Blown Production Sets

Youngjae and ATEEZ were able to bring their full-show-energy through the production of their performances. Even though they were performing mini sets, they brought in their dancers to elevate their performances. With iKON, their setlist is always enough to keep a crowd hyped. Visuals displayed on screen were also effective in bringing us to different worlds as performers deliver their sets. 

ATINYs, Ahgases, and iKONICs Uniting

It was beautiful seeing ATINYs switch their lightstick color to red during iKON’s performance, showing how different fandoms are supportive of the other performers of K-POP MASTERZ. While Youngjae of GOT7 was also performing, the two fandoms aside from Ahgases also showed their best energy to make the singer feel welcome. This is definitely what makes these concerts memorable, seeing how fandoms can be united while enjoying music under one roof. 

All performers definitely felt the love Filipino fans have for them. After years in the pandemic, fans are now able to make Youngjae, ATEEZ, and iKON feel loved again at physical concerts- a feeling both fan and artist will remember forever. K-POP Masterz 2 is always something we can never get enough of, and we’re always ready for the next one. 

KPOPMASTERZ 2 is presented by Pulp Live World

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