Korean actor Hwang In Youp has a special place to his Filipino fans

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We all know that Hwang In Youp has a very special place in our hearts. He became a student here in the Philippines for four years where he studied in Davao, loves our country, made friends with his Filipino classmates whom he still connected with until now and being just a simple guy who loves our very own Halo-halo. Who doesn't love Hwang In Youp then?

He visited the Philippines a few months before for a cosmetic brand and now he's back for his own fan meeting held at The New Frontier Theater last September 24, 2022.

Hwang In Youp is very happy to end the tour in the Philippines and here I am sharing with you some of the highlights from his fan meeting in Manila:

1. Hwang In Youp really loves Halo-halo


He actually had a halo-halo at Chowking in SM Megamall a night before his fan meeting. He put on a cap, sitting at the back of the restaurant and was hiding there and being a normal guy enjoying his halo-halo

2. He still remembers some of our holidays here in the Philippines


He was asked by Ms. Sam Oh with multiple choice questions that "Which of the following Philippine Holidays has the wrong name?" He chose the "May 1: Children's Day" as the wrong answer because he said "to my memory in the years that I've lived here, I don't think that we celebrated a Children's Day". I just love that he still remember this small details.

3. "Mahal Kita"

He recites some Filipino phrases like "Mahal mo ako", "Ang ganda mo", "Gusto kita" and "Mahal kita" while looking at the camera with feelings.

4. He wants to visit Davao again

Hwang In Youp is planning on having a secret trip to Davao before the year ends.

5. Princess Hours is the most famous K-drama when he was still living in the Philippines

He wanted to play a role like royalty in the future because they are wearing a traditional costume just like the prince in Princess Hours and he also shared that he experienced wearing a "barong" (Philippines' traditional costume) before in a competition and he actually won.

6. His friends in the Philippines wanted him to be a Korean actor when he goes back to Korea


Hwang In Youp was very happy that his K-drama "True Beauty" is very popular in the Philippines and he remembered his friends and wondered if his friends were also watching his drama.

7. Okey Dokey


The fan meeting will not be complete without doing the "okey dokey" dance live! He also asked the audience to stand up and dance with him.

8. "Salamat sa pagmamahal niyo" - Han Seo Jun

As Han Seo Jun (his character in True Beauty), He was asked by Ms. Sam Oh to give a message to his Filipino fans and instead of saying it in Korean he says his message in Tagalog. He was very happy that Filipino fans love his character in True Beauty.

9. HIY Game

Four fans got lucky to play games with Hwang In Youp on stage such as "Staring Fight", "Clapping Game" and "Arm Wrestle".

10. Young Actor's Retreat

We all know that Hwang In Youp is part of this reality show and he shared that what you see on this show was the real Hwang In Youp. He hopes that no one is getting disappointed by his actions throughout the show. But everyone yelled "No". Seeing In Youp as a normal guy and just being comfortable being his true self is all we need!

11. He walked around the New Frontier Theater and everyone got to see him up close from the "Hi/ hello"

He surprised the fans from walking around the theatre before he went to the stage for the second part of his fan meeting. This is the most close encounter we had from him aside from the usual "hi/hello". Imagine Hwang In Youp is walking just a few inches away from you.

What a memorable night with Hwang In Youp. I feel very connected to him maybe because he knows a lot from the Philippines. He can really relate and connect to the audience easily. He's a Filipino by heart.

Thank you so much Hwang In Youp for always coming to your home. Thank you Ovation Production, Applewood KR and Keyeast for this successful event.

Photo and words: Caren Gudiaga

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