NCTzens Bring The Noize for NCT 127’s The Link in Manila

Gelo de Vera

NCT 127 together with their Czennies put on the loudest show at the MOA Arena the night of September 4. 

Ever since the concert was announced, NCTzens have expressed their excitement for the first ever full-concert concert performance of Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan in the Philippines. Regardless whether it trended all over social media, the boys definitely felt the hype with what could possibly be the loudest cheers to ever grace the MOA Arena. It was shaking way before the concert even started driven by the fans’ passion.

“The Link” is a show that represents how NCT 127 members and their Czennies are connected in their dreams, passions, and love, through music. The concert mesmerizingly allowed all members and units of the group to showcase their talents through energetic performances and solo stages.

The performance started with a VCR that flashed on the screen, introducing each of the members while introducing what “The Link” means. All 9 members were revealed standing on top of an elevated stage, behind the movable LED screens. They performed intense opening title tracks “Kick It,” “Lemonade,” and “Simon Says”. Fans welcomed them with loud screams and a sea of bright Neobongs. 

The group proceeded with their individual greetings after an energetic first performance. They shared how excited they were for their first ever full concert in the country. Each time a new member appeared on the screen for their message, fans roared in support. 

They then invited Czennies to visit Floor 127 as they performed “Elevator”. Subgroups of NCT 127 had their own “rooms” or areas under the stage set-up on the main stage, now converted into NCT’s "home". Plus, Taeyong even performed for the camera while being flashed on the screens. Fans found this really cute and cheered on their favorite member. Czennies fell really hard with their biases during “Dreamer/Love Song” as the medley exhibited how charming each member can be. 

Moving on to solo stages, Taeil showcased his godly vocals with a performance of “Another World”. He was later joined by Haechan who blew us away with a dance and vocal performance of “Love Sign”. Both members intensely got NCTzens mesmerized with their live heavenly voices. 

For another dance performance, members Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, and Jaehyun graced the stage with “Run Back 2 U” on the elevated stage, this hyped the crowd for more. After an amazing performance on the main stage, they were joined by the rest of the members as they make their way to the runway with “Highway To Heaven”, a soft NCT 127 classic. They entertained the fans watching from VIP Left and Right as they faced them while performing part of the choreo. Jungwoo and Haechan amazed us with their live vocals as they ended the song on the extended stage. They kept Czennies on the extended stage entertained with a performance of “Breakfast” while holding their Neobongs. 

For the third solo stage of the night, Mark took on the mic as he performed “Vibration”. Fans lost it when the rapper dropped the “Manila just wait, sexy” line. Manila definitely felt alive with his rapping skills. Following him was Taeyong, who definitely brought the heat in the arena as he performed “Moonlight” shirtless. Fans, again, screamed loud as they couldn’t believe what’s blessing their eyes. After his performance, Mark returns to the stage for a collab performance of “The Himalayas”. 

Jungwoo then delivers a sultry and breathtaking dance number performance of “Lipstick”. Following this, the group performed “Focus” and introduced Johnny as he delivers a sexy dance number in a now-shower-room stage setup. This was definitely one of the performances fans were waiting to see. The heat was definitely felt around the arena. Following this, Jaehyun serenaded the crowd with a performance of “Lost,” his amazement over the fans’ voices were seen as he smiles throughout the performance. 

NCT 127 brought more feels in the arena as they slowed the night with ballads “The Rainy Night”, “White Night”, and “Back 2 U,”. These performances just highlighted how even on the vocal aspect of K-POP, they’re definitely not lacking. This was solidified by a solo performance of “The Reason Why It’s Favorite” by Doyoung, the group’s main vocal. 

After the following solo stages, the group performance more songs including Favorite, Bring The Noize, Paradise, Touch, and Love Me Now. Another fan favorite performance was the sultry “Love On The Floor” stage, which showed all members performing a sexy choreography. Fans are still left with more energy to pour for the last 4 songs. 

They ended the night with powerful performances of “Dreams Come True”, “Promise You”, “Cherry Bomb,” and “Sticker”. The group was also able to interact with fans as they gave away signed balls and go around the extended stage to meet fans and even pose for some fancams. It was a moment of connection between NCTzens and their favorite boys— which was all “The Link” is all about.

NCT 127 could not express how badly they want to do another day of concert for the country as the arena was already shaking in Czennies’ cheers and love for the boys. They shared how they want to be back as soon as possible and with more music. The boys shared that their latest project “2 Baddies” is also coming up, which their fans should keep an eye on.

The Link tells us that no matter how far we are from NCT 127 after the concert, we still share the same passions and dreams. And we cannot wait to connect with them again when they make their way back to us. 

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