Oh My God, (G)I-DLE Brings The Tomboy Vibes in Manila

Gelo de Vera

After years of waiting, Filipino NEVERLAND were finally able to meet their favorite girls during a one-night only show at the New Frontier Theater last September 11, 2022.

Nevies who were able to score best tickets were able to get upclose and personal with Soyeon, Minnie, Miyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua during the Soundcheck event that happened a few hours before the show. 

(G)I-DLE began their energetic show with title tracks “Oh My God,” “LATATA” and B-Sides “Villain Dies,” and “Blow Your Mind,” which definitely set the mood of the crowd just right for a night of fiery performances. 

The girls couldn’t contain their excitement over the loud cheers received from their Filipino fans, with almost every member being welcomed on stage during their welcoming ment with fan chants. Plus, Yuqi was able to receive an early birthday gift from fans as the whole venue sang happy birthday for her as she is celebrating her 22nd birthday on the 23rd. 

The girls continued on to bring more heat to the stage as they performed “Senyorita,” “DUMDi DUMDi,” “Luv U,” and “HANN”. The stage visuals and overall production were able to elevate the entire experience of the show with more performances including “MOON,”, “LION,” and “LIAR”. 

The performances were accompanied by VCRs that were played while the members of the group were changing for different fits. The videos allowed fans to see more of the group’s unique charisma and personalities. 

During the performance of TikTok-trend “MY BAG”, New Frontier Theater was immediately turned into a dancefloor with fans dancing (or twerking :P) along with the girls. It was definitely a remarkable part of the show as the crowd also showed how it’s done in Manila, full of energy even an hour into the show. 

The night ended with a powerful performance of “TOMBOY,” the group’s current hit which currently has almost 100M streams on Spotify. The crowd were definitely saving all of their energy for this performance as screams of “Yeah I’m f—— tomboy” sent chills down to our spines. The girls carried on with encore an encore performance of “Polaroid”. The group said their goodbyes and promised that they will come back to Manila and it will be their priority, given than fans welcomed them with so much love. 

Fans walked out of the venue feeling empowered and filled with so much confidence (G)I-DLE were able to radiate across the concert venue. It is inspiring how unique JUST ME-IDLE is compared to typical K-POP concerts. The girls did not need an extended stage or a heavily-produced set as their vocals, stage presence, and star power alone are enough to deliver the message that we are all just tomboys, confident in our ways without giving too much attention on what other people think.

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