Top 5 Reasons Why Jay B in Manila 2022 Concert Was A Happy Day for All

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Ahgases (a.k.a Jay B’s Bestfriends/Besties) made sure that Manila, the first-stop for his Asian Tour concert: “2022 Jay B World Tour Tape: Press Pause'' will be full of passion. 

The New Frontier Theater was filled yesterday with high-spirit from fans singing along to his songs and cheering loudly for him. Here are the top5 reasons why Jay B in Manila Concert was a ‘Happy Day’ for all.

Jay B Giving his Energetic Performance

Jay B was on high energy when he performed his songs from SOMO Fume, Be Yourself, Def, and Got7 album despite not having been able to get enough rest. He arrived in the Philippines from Paris the morning of his concert and went straight to do rehearsals, soundcheck, and the concert itself.

He was all smiles as he sang and danced. Ahgases can really feel that Jay B was giving his all with the amount of strength he showcased to every song. It was also not complete without him flaunting his B-boy skills during the encore. 

Surprise Appearance of James Reid 

The main highlight of the show was the James Reid x Jay B collaboration performance entitled ‘Hello 2.0’. Ahgases can’t help but bring loud cheers at the concert hall when James started coming out to perform. While having been able to collaborate for the track, the two handsome performers shared that the #JayBinManila concert was their first time meeting in the flesh, and they were happy to easily bond with each other as both emitted a friendly vibe.

James also sang his new released track ‘U and I’ for the first time in a big venue. 

Two handsome J’s in one show. What more can you ask for? 

Getting Closer with Ahgases

The #JayBinManila2022 concert proves how comfortable Jay B was with the Ahgases as he was constantly going down the stage on most of his performances like ‘Livin’, ‘Fame’, ‘Go Up’, and ‘Sunrise’, to name a few, interacting with them, hugging them, taking video and pictures with them, holding their hands and singing along with them.

Apart from singing an unreleased track entitled 'Maja', Jay B also shared with the Ahgases another unreleased track that he was working on with Junny by singing a part of it as requested.

He even poses for the fans in different section to ensure that all Ahgases in that room were able to get a glimpse of him.

Those kinds of interactions were rarely seen being done at concerts so we are 100% sure that every Ahgases inside the venue will treasure that moment throughout their lives.

Speaking in Filipino

Like any other KPOP shows in Manila, artists learned Tagalog to be able to communicate well with fans. But Jay B’s concert was different. His Tagalog words were not memorized and were learned on the spot. Ahgases taught him Tagalog words during his Ment. Some of the Tagalog words he learned were:

Ang pogi ko”, “Ang ganda niyo”, “Hey people, ang galing niyo”, “Shot Puno”, “Pasensya”, “Mahal ko kayo”, and “Salamat po”.

He also asked for recommendation with the fans on what foods to try (Sinigang with Bangus) and he made sure to try it.

Remembering the He is Got7 Leader

PH Ahgases prepared a heartwarming video for Got7 Jay B and a banner fan project showing Jay B’s best leadership. After the video, Jay B humbled himself saying that he didn't think that he was the best leader but he tried to be. He also added that he became the best leader with the help of Got7 members and iGot7. 

Best Leader Jay B taking a pose with iGOT7.
Photo credit: cdnzarecords

He honestly said that he already forgot that he was a leader because he’s been doing solo shows but because of the fan project that PH Ahgases have prepared for him, he was reminded again that he was Got7 Leader and he was grateful for that. 

He told PH Ahgases that he will try to bring the members the next time he visits the Philippines for a show.

When the concert ended, all Ahgases were glowing with happiness as they go out of the venue. Like their dream was coming true all at once. It was a beautiful sight to see.

CDNZA Records, Present, PULP Live World and Happee Hour really outdid it with #JAYBinMANILA2022 concert.

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