Get to know the DPR gang before their Regime Tour in Manila on November 30


When it comes to Korean hip-hop and R&B, the Korean collective known as DPR often comes to mind. Fans of DPR are in a for a treat as the DPR Live, DPR Ian, and DPR Cream are finally coming to Manila! The hiphop collective is bringing their Regime World Tour 2022 to the Philippines this coming November 30.

Photo credit: DPR official Facebook page

Karpos Multimedia, the event organizers behind the well-loved Wanderland Music Festival, is bringing the DPR Collective to Manila and holding the concert at The Filinvest Tent in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Before the big day on November 30, here are some fun facts about DPR why their Regime show is a must-watch:

1. Group of Friends with a DREAM

Photo credit: DPR Rem

Have you ever imagined working at a company where you have control over the creative process, the final output, and you're working with some of your closest friends? Sounds like a dream right? DPR started almost the same way too. The Dream Perfect Regime, also known as DPR is a "fully independent multi-genre music and video group" based in Seoul, South Korea. The collective is composed of artists from different backgrounds and influences that come together to write, shoot, direct, and produce music and audio-visual outputs.

It all started when DPR Live (Hong Da Bin) and DPR Ian (Christian Yu) found their common passion through dance and music. Together with DPR Cream (Kim Kyung Mo) and DPR Rem (Scott Kim), they formed the Dream Perfect Regime collective and have started to add DPR into their stage names. After building the indie label from the ground-up, DPR has grown to nine creative artists coming together to create groundbreaking music and visual art. 

As DPR Live once described during an interview, “We’re perfecting our dreams, it’s a regime; we’re coming up to take over”. In 2015, the dream took shape as the crew formed DPR, and has become the independent music collective label that they are known today.

2. Changing the Korean Music Scene

Photo credit: Karpos Multimedia

With their unique take in music, visual arts, and production, DPR has produced some of the most catchy and unique tracks in the Korean music scene. Known for their hiphop and R&B beats, DPR's releases such as its debut Eung Freestyle, DPR Live's Jasmine, DPR Ian's Nerves, and DPR Cream's Color Dive are just some of their most popular tracks with fresh hiphop beats and catchy verses.

What started as a group of friends making underground indie music to express their passion, DPR has grown into a well-known independent music group with millions of fans all over the world. Add to that, their creative and out-of-this world visuals expressed through music videos, posters and social media posts has helped in building the popularity of the group.

3. Meaningful collabs with other K-artists

Photo credit: DPR

Some new fans of DPR might recognize DPR Ian in CL's music video for 5 star. DPR Ian played the role of CL's handsome love interest, and both old and new fans were smitten by their chemistry. Aside from the MV, DPR Ian also collaborated with CL for her song No Blueberries.

Fans of the K-pop girl group Mamamoo were also ecstatic when Hwasa and DPR Live announced their second collaboration last 2021 for Live's song Hula Hoops. Prior to this, Hwasa and DPR Live also collaborated for a single during Hwasa's album launch, titled I'm Bad Too.

Other artists that the DPR team has collaborated with were Loco, Jay Park and Dean. 


Why should you watch DPR perform this November 30 and what should you watch out for? Aside from their unique and catchy music, DPR expresses their love for their craft through their performances and interactions with their fans. It's no wonder that despite coming from the underground hiphop scene, the crew easily made its way to the hearts of music fans, not just in Korea but all over the world.

Catch the DPR crew this November 30 for their Manila Debut! Tickets are still available at and Tickelo website. Don't miss this opportunity to see the groundbreaking performances of the DPR gang!

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