Epik High made a super rare night with fans in Manila

Karylle Valenzuela
One of the Khiphop OGs, Epik High is back in Manila for their solo show as part of 'Epik High is Here Asia Pacific Tour' after being in the country and performed at a concert two months ago.

Epik High consists of DJ Tukutz, Tablo, and Mithra Jin who made their works famous in 2001 by producing their own songs and doing shows across South Korea which also made their way through the international mainstream and becoming more discovered up until now.

Started their tour in the US and Asia at the moment, the trio was excited to meet the Filipino fans for the second time this year after their October encounter and stated that it's a "VIP night" for Manila because they will play longer than the last time then proceeded on proving it by hyping up the crowd with water splashes and even introduced DJ Tukutz as he did a freestyle dance through the last part of the show.

With over a couple of songs and the fans were super into jumping when the trio started playing some of their major hits like High Technology, Fly, Love Love Love, One, and Born Hater, feels like a mini rave party indeed. They also sang some from their latest album "Epik High is Here" together with their collaborated tracks titled Super Rare, Burj Khalifa, Born Hater, NO THANXXX, and Rosario where Tukutz showed his amazing DJ skills.

Fans enjoyed every bit of their performance from the minute lights went out up to Mithra and Tablo's bars while interacting, and the sudden freebies being thrown at the crowd, it is really indeed an artist-fan moment to be remembered and cherished.

Epik High is Here in Manila made possible by MakeItLive, CK Star Enterainment Singapore, Motive Productions, and Jasper Productions.

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