Ripples for Hope 2022: Friendship and camaderie blossomed; AKMU, Everglow, Momoland filled the night with music

Christian Melanie Lee
Are you familiar with ISAC or Idol Star Athletics Championship wherein several South Korean groups gathered to show off their sportsmanship? Last November 26, Ripples For Hope: A KPOP Friendship Day and Night in which nineteen local KPOP fandoms joined to battle in six fun games, and a night of music with Everglow, Momoland, and AKMU.

The initiative of Ripples for Hope was to spread goodness and happiness. Seeing different fandoms participating in this event after 2 years of being stuck in lockdown, it's also a rewarding experience to them who exerting their effort in every cupsleeves, fan projects, and other fan-related intiatives for their fave KPOP group.

Right after the parade Pulp Live World COO, Ms. Happee Sy-Go gave inspiring words to the participants. The game started with The Boat is Sinking. Some of the games that fanboys and fangirls participated are Red Light, Green Light, Jump Rope, Trip to Jerusalem, Obstacle Course, Tug of War, and Lawin at Sisiw (Ugly Ducking).

KPOP girl groups Everglow started off the show and performed some of their hits such as“La Di Da,” “Adios,” “Dun Dun” and “Pirate.” One of the members, Sihyeon said during their ment that they heard a lot about PH Forever and they wanted to visit the country for a long time. The group are happy to see their fans. 

Everglow awarded the second runner-up of Ripples for Hope, Team Seventeen.

Momoland opened their set with their latest single, Yummy Yummy Love. They also performed some of their songs such as “Ready or Not” and “Wrap Me in Plastic, and the popular “BBoom Bboom” and “BAAM.” They presented the award to the first runner-up of the event. Team Pinkday.

Korean duo, AKMU composed of siblings Lee Chan-hyuk, and Lee Su-hyun delighted to see their fans who waited for them for a long time. They performed “Hey kid, Close your eyes”, “NAKKA,” “Dinosaur,” “How People Move”, “Do Not Cross Your Leg”, “Love Loss,” “”How can I love the heartbreak, you`re the one I love,” “Last Goodbye,” “Give Love,” “200%” and “Let`s Take Time.”

Team Bangkon who hailed as grand champion received the award from the duo. 

Ripples for Hope: A KPOP Friendship Day and Night presented by Pulp Live World, and Happee Hour.

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