Three days celebrating music at Salo Salo Fest

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Three days celebrating #PaskongPinoy at the biggest theme park for the #SaloSaloFest was indeed a dream!

Who would not love to experience every single wild and child-friendly rides? and also sing and dance along with your favourite artists, bands and DJs, LIVE? indeed a memorable experience with friends and fam! new core memory unlocked! 

Karpos Multimedia organized two stages and a tent inside the theme park where you can enjoy live music to keep that adrenaline rush alive after every ride.

Salo-salo fest pulled out our inner child while strolling around the theme park, from riding every child friendly to the wildest fun rides! how awesome it was to feel like a kid again and also have a chance to watch and sing along with some of our favourite Bands & Artists from the '90s and early 2000s at the main stage the "Salo-Salo Stage" where Ely Buendia, Rico Blanco, Ebe Dancel, Parokya ni Edgar, Mayonnaise, Orange and Lemons, Barbie Almalbis, Moonstar88 and Urbandub took us to another level hell of a ride, TIME MACHINE!! #Batang90s had an amazing experience in a very nostalgic performance from these artists! Some other OPM artists also perfomed at the Salo-Salo Stage such as, Of Mercury, Lola Amour, Munimuni, Lory and many more 

Some Happy Feet took a break from rides to dance along with the music inside the GOODY DANCE SHOES tent, curated by Curtis Smith, Crwn, Ean Mayor, Jason Soong and many more. Some of them came inside too shy to dance but got out of the tent with their grooves back and energy hyped up!

It felt like going to two different Festivals because the experience in two stages was amazingly different. Added here that, it was truly an adventure as you'll be needing to walk from other ends of the theme park to go to each stage, it was impossible to ignore the rides and to hear the screams from every ride that also keeps your adrenaline rushing.

The second stage was called the "Parol Stage" where a couple of international artists, Joan and Johnny Stimson, serenaded everyone and hyped them up so that even some other artists watched and danced to their performance too. 

Watching Joan perform feels like going to their actual solo concert, It was surreal and electrifying!

And Of Course! Our very own OPM artists also performed and serenaded us at the Parol Stage, there was Arthur Nery, Unique Salonga, Clara Benin, Kiyo, Ena Mori, Zild and many more. It was also like riding a roller coaster as every artist has a different genre where you'll feel loved, senti, or even angry (in a good way) it's an awesome roller coaster experience, there was no dead energy and everyone was just full of fun.

Salo-Salo Fest reminded us how to celebrate our Paskong Pinoy, to celebrate it full of joy, and nostalgia, and to make new core memories with our family, friends and even with ourselves. Keep the Paskong Pinoy alive!

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