Ain't no party like an AOMG party: Starting the year with AOMG's swag on Follow The Movement in Manila

Patricia Rio
AOMG artists LOCO, Simon Dominic, Lee Hi, GRAY, WOO and Yugyeom visited the Philippines for the first time last January 15, 2023 for their Follow the Movement tour. The venue was packed with fans as evident with the people lining up to buy tickets last-minute few hours before the concert starts.


The excitement can already be felt every time the music plays in the background. On the first set, Woo finally stepped up the stage and performed his songs, "R.I.P", Me, and Devil.

Lee Hi made sure that everyone experiences a rollercoaster ride of emotions with her songs as she serenades everyone with her sweet voice performing 'Only', 'Breathe' and 'No One'.

"Manila, are you having a good time?" Lee Hi greeted the fans then proceeded on making everyone sing along with "1, 2, 3, 4" and "Red Lipstick".


Time passed by and when it was already Loco's turn, the crowd joined the party as Loco performed "Party Band", "Somebody" "Like Water" and "It Takes Time". During his ment, he shared that he has heard about how "Say Yes", an OST from the hit K-drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. He lets the fans sing the song which surprised him because everyone literally knew the lyrics. 

"Filipinos are the best!" Loco expressed as he ends his performance.

AOMG artists continued to hype up the crowd when GRAY greeted the audience, "Hello, my name is GRAY. Kamusta ka?". He performed his hit songs, "Show Window", "TMI", and "Summer Night". Everyone lost their control when GRAY also performed "Lose Control with his melodica. He completed his set with Loco again on stage as they vibed with fans to "Just Do it" and "Late Night". 

The venue turned into a green ocean when GOT7's maknae Yugyeom, showed up and performed his first digital single "I Want U Around" and followed by "Lights". The atmosphere once again got heated with his "All Your Fault". Yugyeom ended his set with his most recently released song, "PONYTAIL".

Last but not the least and undeniably, one of the most awaited part of the show, Simon Dominic was warmly welcomed by everyone with "DAx4", one of his singles released in 2019. 

"Magandang gabi po!", he shouted as he made sure everyone will spell out his name with one of his most famous songs, "Simon Dominic". 

He was very surprised at how crazy everyone was during the whole show. He performed more songs, "POSE!", "room type" and "GOTT" from his album Open Flames. 

As his ending performance, GRAY once again stepped out on stage and joined Simon Dominic with the track, "Comfortable".

What a way to start the year with AOMG's almost 4 hours of non-stop fun and party. The six artists all came up on stage and closed the night jumping and singing along with "119 Remix", "Upside Down", "TTFU", "We Are" and "Who You" while interacting with fans. 

The Filipino fans also gave their all to make sure that the night will be difficult to forget and each artist will feel very welcomed and appreciated. Ain't no party like an AOMG party, the four-hour long concert absolutely brought out the best of the artists.

We thank PULP Live World for giving us the opportunity to cover the AOMG Follow The Movement in Manila.

Full set of photos here.

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