FKJ brings his kaleidoscopic world of music to Wanderland 2023

Christian Melanie Lee
Wanderland announced today that French Kiwi Juice, or FKJ in short, is the latest addition to their lineup.

FKJ has previously played Wanderland in 2018, a year after releasing his self-titled debut album, French Kiwi Juice and played a headline show for Karpos Live in 2019. Finally, after his latest release in 2022, V I N C E N T, he’s returning to the Philippines and making his own comeback on the Wanderland stage.

                                   Photo credit: FKJ's Facebook page

Vincent Fenton, the man behind the moniker, FKJ, is a self-taught genre-blending
multi-instrumentalist from France–a multi-hyphenated artist to say the least. With that said, it’s really hard to put into words what his music is like.

It’s a kaleidoscopic blend of jazz, electronic, soul, and RnB, paired with an intricate instrumentation of guitar, bass, piano, saxophone and more. It sounds complex but ironically, his music transports listeners to a space that’s light and airy with lots of room for them to feel, think, and wander–a testament to how he masterfully creates each track and why he is a perfect match for the Wanderland roster.

We’re told the best way to experience his music is by watching him play live (it’s the reason why the Wanderland team keeps inviting him back!). His live set is like an invitation to his own living room, an organic showcase of art and talent—only more crisp and astonishing than playing it over headphones or speakers. Not only can you dive into the rhythms and melodies, you get to pay close attention to how he can switch instruments up in an instant.

If you think listening to his music alone already leaves you speechless, wait until you experience his live performance.

FKJ joins Carly Rae Jepsen (CA), Phoenix (FR), Sunset Rollercoaster (TW), Men I Trust (CA), No Rome (PH), Stephen Day (US), Balming Tiger (KR), George (KR), Blaster and The Celestial Klowns (PH), Leo Wang (TW), August Wahh (PH) and The Sundown (PH).

Full lineup will be released soon—stay tuned to Wanderland's socials to stay in the loop.

We wander. We win.

Wanderland: The Comeback is presented by Globe, co-presented by GCash & foodpanda.

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