Getting to know more about Song Kang as he visited Manila for his first ever Fun Meeting

Caren Gudiaga

Song Kang, is a South Korean actor who is known for his dramas including Love Alarm, Sweet Home, Navillera, Nevertheless and Forecasting Love and Weather. Song Kang being dubbed as "the son of Netflix" as most of his dramas are aired on the platform. "It is fascinating and I'm very grateful. Netflix is like a family to me because they were there since the beginning of my career and I'm very happy to work with them."

Talking about Cleansing and Skin Care

Deoproce is a Korean skincare and a manufacturer brand of cosmetics. As Song Kang being their brand endorser and they brought him to the Philippines for his first ever Fun Meeting. Thanks to Deoproce. "What is Song Kang's skin regimen?" He said that when he wakes up in the morning he first cleanse his face, then apply a toner, apply a moisturizer and then followed with a sun cream. He thinks that cleansing is as important as the skin care itself. He make sure that he puts a lot of attention also to his cleansing. 

Sweet Home

Song Kang is currently filming his drama Sweet Home, it was first aired last 2020 for its season 1 and everyone is waiting for the season 2. Song Kang was asked from the media about "What to expect in Sweet Home Season 2?" He doesn't want to spoil but he explains that the characters in season 1 is more on how they grew or mature and then seasons 2 and 3 would be a story of these people who have grown and get more matured in the first season. Sweet Home is currently available on Netflix. 

(host Sam Oh and Song Kang)

Song Kang as a K-pop Idol

Song Kang's version of Hype Boy by New Jeans is getting viral online and was asked if he wants or have a chance to become an idol, without hesitation he quickly said "No, I don't". Everyone in the room laughed as he answered it with confidence. He actually realized this as he dances to Hype Boy that he cannot be an idol. He would love to be he just can't. 

Message for his Filipino Fans

"I received so much love but I have not been able to give back because of the situation lately, I have not been able to come and see the Filipino fans. To finally be here and being able to do that, I am very happy, a little bit nervous but very much looking forward to it and all of this is because of Deoproce". Song Kang said at the press conference.

Thank you Deoproce for making this possible. 

What makes Song Kang smile?

One is "Encouragements from his fans" that no matter how things get difficult and second is  "He never forgets what is was like when he was just started out" he always go back to that foundation that he had.

Filipino food and Boracay

The actor revealed that when he arrived in Manila the first thing he did was to try Jollibee so he went out to see the streets of Manila, ate at Jollibee and he mentioned that he also tried eating Bulalo, Kare-kare and Halo-halo. 

He really wants to go to Boracay to have some healing experience and eat seafood but unfortunately he needs to go back to Korea the next day after his fan meeting so he don't' have much time to do that but he will definitely try it when he goes back to the Philippines.

The Fun Meeting

Our very own P-pop idols: G22 and vxon hyping up the crowd as they opened up the show before Song Kang takes the stage. 



Song Kang and his Tagalog words

During his fan meeting, there's this segment called "Kang-munication" where pre-selected participants from the audience will teach Song Kang some Tagalog phrases such as: "Magandang Umaga", "Mahal Kita", "Ano Ba yan", "Kumain na tayo", "Gusto ko bumalik", "Masaya akong makita ka", "Ang saya-saya ko" and "Samahan mo ako sa Korea". 

(photos from Deoproce)

During his press conference, he was actually prepared some Tagalog words already and just kept mentioning it out of the blue like "Salamat po", "Bonnga", "Ganda" and Mahal Kita". The way he pronounced those words were very soft and sweet. 

Song Kang gets emotional

During the segment "It's Kang-plicated" where the videos of the Songpyeons played at the big screen as they show their gratitude to Song Kang; the actor can't help but gets too emotional and tears up after watching the video that was prepared for him. "How does it feel?" Sam Oh asked asked him after he watched the fan's video. Song Kang paused a bit and tears went down to his eyes. 

“I did not really think I was going to cry at this fan meeting. I am surprised at that as well. I’m always thankful for all the support. I gained so much energy from all of you to be able to work. I’m so honored and grateful,” he said. 


(photos from Deoproce)

This event is presented to you by Deoproce and Wilbros Live

photos and words by: Caren Gudiaga for Manila Concert Junkies


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