Wanderland Music Festival Makes a Triumphant Return

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The much-awaited comeback in the concert and festival scene in the Philippines, Wanderland Music Festival, finally took place last March 4-5 after 3 long years! Made possible by Karpos Multimedia, the 2-day festival was headlined by Run Away With Me-hitmaker Carly Rae Jepsen and French pop-rock band Phoenix, both returning performing acts in the country.

The Wanderland Energy

We’re pretty sure one of concert junkies’ favorite things about the festival are the vibes it gives off to festival goers. Indeed the place to be, Wanderland boasts only positive energy brought about by live music, nature, and art.

Wanderland is a place where fans of different music genres and interests come together. There is a sense of belongingness in the crowd no matter who among the lineup you are most excited about or if it’s just your first time attending the event. Going around the venue, unique experiences await.

It’s not just a music festival

Aside from the sensational line-up, many booths and experiences welcomed all festival goes. Going inside the venue, fans were already in for a treat with the Globe and GCash booths offering many perks and prizes for Globe users. By simply exchanging rewards points, fans got to enjoy special Wanderland games with fun prizes and even free cocktails!

Aside from that, foodpanda also had activities that surely kept goers excited with all the games they could play. Overall, the booths elevated how the music festival was enjoyed by all goers!

The Green touch

Aside from celebrating music, goers were reminded of their responsibilities as warriors for nature. There were booths educating fans about nature while, at the same time, being with plants! Moreover, free water was made possible by Kleen Kanteen all over the festival! Each “refill” on tumblers, screens show how much cups are saved. Talk about an environmentally-responsible concert experience!

The Sensational Lineup

Further making “Wanderland” felt, Karpos brought in rising & exciting musical acts including Raveena, Ylona Garcia, HYBS, George, to name a few! Certainly, there aren’t any acts we “skipped” as all performers were perfect for Wanderland! We jammed to the music of many genres including pop, KHIPHOP, OPM, indie, rock, and more!

The 2-day festival was headlined by Call Me Maybe-songstress Carly Rae Jepsen and pop rock band Phoenix who ended both nights exceptionally.

Despite it being an outdoor venue, fans showed up with loud voices while singing along to their “mother” Carly. Even the singer felt a genuine shock during “When I Needed You” and “EMOTION” as her Jepsies couldn’t contain singing along as loud as they can to her lyrics. Even with a laidback stage and set, Carly was able to show how great of a performer she is by her music alone.

Phoenix brilliantly ends the 2-day festival with a powerhouse full-set. Covering hits from their albums including “Wolfgang Amadeus,” “Ti Amo,” “Alpha Zulu,” and more, fans were taken to the world of Phoenix. Accompanied by splendid stage visuals, Phoenix solidified how they are one of the greatest bands who deliver memorable concerts.

As used by the organizers, we wander, we win. Wanderers definitely went home with more winning stories, feeling triumphant after experiencing only the good things about Wanderland Music Festival. We cannot wait to win again with Wanderland in 2024.

Full set of photos here.

Words by Gelo de Vera
Photos by Gerard del Mundo and Christian Melanie Lee

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