Will Mikhael Hopes To Have A Wonderful Summertime With His Special Island Girl In “Swing By To You”

Christian Melanie Lee
You can now bring the ultimate summer vibe everywhere! The young Cebuano singer-songwriter Will Mikhael has unveiled his new original single “Swing By To You” to the world and it’s a bop indeed!

According to the Cebu-based artist, the summer season inspired him to do this song.

He recalls “this song came about when I was having a blast one summertime. I experienced what it felt like to be on a pristine, beautiful beach and having a wonderful time with my family. And while I was enjoying myself, I thought of a record that would get people to dance and vibe along to, and in that moment, everything just clicked right into place especially with me being in that summer vibe.”

Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Santana, Will has crafted a track that seamlessly blends those magical Latin type rhythms with modern pop sensibilities that he possesses.

“During that time, I was also listening to Carlos Santana’s music and I felt inspired by his songs and said to myself, ‘I need something like this.’ That’s the initial idea of Swing By To You. “

He adds, ”Santana’s influence clearly shows in this R&B beat combined with a nylon guitar and latin type melodies and rhythm.”

And to top it off, what better way to bring this song to life by putting in his shrewd little twist through sprinkling some Cebuano lyrics in the mix, along with a flirty moment with the “island girl” mentioned in the song lyrics. (LISTEN HERE)

There is no denying that this original track is an upbeat and infectious tune that transports listeners to a tropical paradise

"Swing By To You" is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Don't miss out on this must-listen track that will bring the ultimate summer vibe to you and your special someone.

Stream “Swing By To You”


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