Moonbin & Sanha Makes Our Day with "Diffusion" Tour In Manila

Gelo de Vera

The Astro sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha recently embarked on their Fan Con Tour with Manila as the first stop after South Korea with "Diffusion," the duo's first-ever tour promoting "INCENSE," their most recent EP. 

Moonbin and Sanha brought in their powerful stage presence and captivating vocals, proving why people will not regret stanning Astro. The performance opened with "WHO," "BAD IDEA," and "DIA," introducing to their Arohas their dynamic discography and choreographies. 

During the memorable night, both members of the groups were also able to showcase their individual talents starting off with their maknae Sanha who performed "Wish," which was accompanied by touching OT6 photos of Astro in the background. Following the soft performance was the complete opposite- a very sultry performance by Moonbin. The Astro main dancer performed a medley of "PERFUMER" and "DESIRE," showing off sexy dance moves and great vocals. He did not disappoint Arohas and made everyone at the New Frontier Theater swoon as he showed off his body!

Following a number of performances, the duo sat down with K-host Sam Oh for some questions and games. Fans definitely got to know more about their boys and enjoyed games played by the two. When asked about places they wanted to visit, Sanha mentioned that he wants to pay Cebu and Palawan a visit. The two were also cute enough to speak some tagalog words including "Charot," "Ang Init," and "Mahal Kita". 

The night couldn't end without a performance of some of the duo's best tracks including "Madness," "Chup Chup, and "Your Day". During one of the performances, the duo also went down to greet some fans more personally. 

Indeed, it was an intimate night to remember for Filipino Arohas that definitely fueled their desire and hype to have a complete Astro concert soon in the country. Moonbin and Sanha simply got a taste of how passionate and loud their Pinoy Arohas are and we cannot wait for the next reunion. 

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