Visual artists set to launch CRTV Dept merchandise line

Christian Melanie Lee

It all started as a concept. It all began with a “what if?”

A group of shrewd creatives from the Metro is making a professional leap from creating tons of visual content for artists and brands to actually designing their own brand of clothing and merchandise.


And guess what, it’s made exclusively for creatives, by creatives. Everyone, meet the CRTV Dept. (pronounced as Creative Department) made by KNYA Collective, a rising group of content creators and visual artists acknowledged by popular artists in the OPM scene. The collective already worked with a handful of local artists like SB19, Kamikazee, The Juans, Greyhoundz, Queso, Chicosci, Ebe Dancel, One Click Straight, Rico Blanco, Quest, Zack Tabudlo and a lot more.

CRTV Dept. believes that creativity is not just a skill, but a way of life. A reason we've created a line of clothing and merchandise that's specifically designed to inspire and support individuals in the creative field. From graphic t-shirts to tote bags, and a whole lot more, these products are designed to help you show off your unique style and express your creativity in new and exciting ways.

The brand aims for fellow creatives to wear it with pride, just like a respected uniform. The shirt and the entire merchandise symbolize a shared aspiration among creatives to continuously strive for excellence in their work.

Furthermore, an essential aspect of the brand that sets it apart from others is the fact that the entire team comprises creatives who possess firsthand experience and knowledge regarding the significance of clothing and merchandise that accurately reflect individuality and creativity. This expertise allows us to create products that resonate with and empower creatives.

And what better way to formally launch this amazing venture by curating a superb gig? Of course, this awesome night of arts and music will be joined by the most sought-after and rising bands in the local rock scene here today which were personally picked by the CRTV Dept. team.

The Creative Department Launch + POP-UP SHOP is happening this coming April 29, 2023 at Balcony Music House in Makati! Join the fun and rock the night away with performances from Snakefight, Fragments, Oh, Flamingo!, CHNDTR, St. Wolf, Fiona, Walktrip, and Novacain. Gig goers are encouraged to avail the merch and if they buy the shirt, their Entrance will be free of charge.

The color scheme of the poster is CMYK with a garment-esque theme with a tad.

Everyone’s invited! Time to tell your friends about this exciting event this weekend and don't hesitate to avail cool CRTV Department merch!

Gig Sponsors:

Kaibigan Music
Om Print
JL Printhouse

Media Partners:

Docdef Productions
The Sinner Collective
Pluto Astro Studios

Follow the official social media pages of CRTV Department and KNYA for more information and updates about this special event and a whole lot more.


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