“Manila has dibs on The 1975,” Says Matty Healy During The 1975 Live in Manila 2023

Gelo de Vera

English pop-rock band The 1975 makes their way to Manila for back-to-back MOA Arena shows, their first arena venue ever! 

As part of “At Their Very Best” tour, the 2-day concert concluded The 1975’s world tour in the most memorable way! Apart from Day 1 being sold-out, frontman Matty Healy also mentioned that they feel at home in Manila as “The 1975 is 10x bigger here than we should be”. He also mentioned that the country has dibs on the band as they’ve always had successful shows in Manila.

The night was filled with tracks that are reminiscent of fans’ memories with The 1975 in high school and in college. Apart from performing latest hits from “Being Funny In A Foreign Language,” the band treated their fans with hits from albums as old as their debut!

Setlist for the 2-day show included “The City,” “She’s American,” It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You,” “About You,” “Oh Caroline,” “UGH!,” “Robbers,” to name a few.

Day 2 goers were also in for a treat as they experienced the most surprise songs compared to other stops of the tour, which also included a rare performance of “Nana” from Matty. All thanks to a fan who prepared a quick game of “Choose a Surprise Song,” which Matty gladly played! 

Indeed, it was a memorable 2-nights for old and new fans of The 1975 as many booths were also waiting for them during the shows. A fan-initiated message board welcomed fans at the MOA Arena and photo booths by Pulp Live World were also organized.

The 2-night performance was a great reminder to many that our lives are soundtracked to The 1975. And we will always connect great memories with the band’s music. Being at a The 1975 concert feels like home. 

Special thanks to Pulp Live World for bringing the lads to Manila! 

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