Phum Viphurit Captivates Manila Crowd in Memorable Mall Show Tour

Celine Conde

Phum Viphurit brought his The Greng Jai Piece Tour with a mesmerizing series of live performances in Manila. Presented by Karpos Live, the highly anticipated event spanned from April 21 to April 23, 2023 and took place at Ayala Malls: Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Manila Bay, Trinoma, and Market! Market!.

From the moment the tour was announced, fans eagerly awaited Phum’s arrival, a beloved figure in the indie music scene. The Greng Jai Piece Tour became an unforgettable experience, as the Thai-born artist effortlessly enchanted the Manila audience with his soulful melodies and captivating stage presence.


Each venue served as the perfect backdrop for Phum's musical prowess, creating an intimate and immersive atmosphere. The audience was transported into a world where Phum's indie pop sounds and heartfelt lyrics resonated deeply with their souls.

Throughout the tour, Phum Viphurit showcased a diverse repertoire of songs, including his chart-topping hits like "Lover Boy" and "Hello, Anxiety." He also delighted his fans with tracks from his recent album, “The Greng Jai Piece”. The audience sang along passionately, their voices blending harmoniously with Phum's velvety vocals, creating an atmosphere of pure musical bliss.

Presented by Karpos Live, the Greng Jai Piece Tour in Manila not only celebrated Phum Viphurit's artistry but also served as a platform for local talents. OPM faves Lola Amour and Dilaw were invited as opening acts in the shows. Both bands were warmly welcomed by fans, undeniably setting the energetic tone for each of the shows.

As the final notes of the tour faded away, the Manila crowd erupted in thunderous applause, expressing their immense gratitude and appreciation for Phum Viphurit's unforgettable performances.

The Greng Jai Piece Tour in Manila will be etched in the memories of fans who were fortunate enough to witness Phum Viphurit's artistry in person. The tour not only reaffirmed Phum's status as an indie music icon but also reinforced the power of music to unite people and create lasting connections.

As fans bid farewell, they eagerly anticipate Phum Viphurit's return to the Manila stage, knowing that his music will continue to resonate, uplift, and inspire. The legacy of this tour will forever remain as a testament to Phum Viphurit's undeniable talent and the profound impact of his music on the Manila music scene.

Check out our set during Glorietta and Market Market shows.


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