Cutie Pie Series Cast Spend the Cutest Day Ever with PH Fans

Josh Alvarez

Last Saturday was indeed the cutest day ever for Filipino fans for having spent the day with the cast of Thai series “Cutie Pie” for “Cutie Pie: 1st Fan Meeting in Manila 2023” at the Aliw Theater.

Six Thai actors were in attendance: “Nunew” Chawarin Perdpiriyawong, “Zee” Pruk Panich, “Max” Saran Rujeerattanavorapan, “Nat” Natasitt Uareksit, “Tutor” Koraphat Lamnoi, and “Yim” Pharinyakorn Khansawa.

Here are the highlights of their Manila visit!

Zee and Nunew on their Roles and Experiences in Filming the Series

During the press conference, we asked Zee about how different his role in Cutie Pie to other roles that he had portrayed. Zee responded that the role he had in Cutie Pie was totally different because he had to remain cool, calm, and not that talkative. We can take a reference on his previous works such as “Why R U: The Series” in which he had taken the role of a university student who is really playful and naughty. We also learned that he would want to play in an action-themed project in the future.

Since Cutie Pie the Series was his debut in Thai entertainment, we asked Nunew of the challenges he experienced while making the series. Nunew told us that he was so excited to do the series since he previously had no experience in filming dramas. What made him even more excited was that the story was based on a book which gained a lot of readers. As to the challenges, it was all about the two roles he portrayed in one person. The activities were rigorous such as riding a motorbike and playing drums.

Secret Talents

Who knows Nunew can sing a Filipino song? Nunew delighted the press about knowing Filipino singer Zack Tabudlo and his song “Pano”. Nunew told the us that he would want to sing with Zack in the future. During the fan meeting, Nunew showcased his singing prowess when he sang “Pano” in whole, live!

Max and Nat were asked about their hidden talents. Max told us that he knows how to take care of the “naughty babe”. While he did not directly tell who it was, it seemed that it was Nat that he was pertaining to. Speaking of Nat, Nat showed us his special talent which is making his nose bigger and making his ears move.

Cutie Pies in Real Life

When asked about what wakes them a “cutie pie”, Tutor simply told that he is cute, while Yim says that he prays or meditates a lot. For Max, he believes that him being smart makes him a cutie pie. Nat laughingly said that they all look like a pie. For Nunew, it’s because they are a team and for Zee, it simply is because of “us”.

Paired Performances and Games

The Aliw Theater crowd left with joy from watching the Cutie Pie series cast’s performances. Each pair of artists performed OSTs from the series followed by a game. Tutor and Yim together sang “Suddenly” while Max and Nat performed “Alone”. Last to perform and play were Zee and Nunew who serenaded the audience with “It’s You”.

Filipino Touch

The Thai artists did make their fans even happier when they started by greeting the audience using Filipino words and phrases opening what was indeed a fan meeting with Filipino touch. After the paired games, the cast also got to play a game that has been played in Filipino parties almost all the time, the paper dance game, which was won by Max and Nat. Of course, no one will forget a unique and specially prepared rendition by Nunew of Zack Tabudlo’s “Pano”. Towards the end of the event, the cast returned on stage clad in Barong Tagalog as they watch the appreciation video prepared for them by their Filo fans.

More Surprises!

Fans will not leave the Aliw Theater without surprises! Following the win of Max and Nat in the paper dance game, a lucky fan was drawn and was given a shirt signed by all the cast. Yim was also given a birthday cake since it’s going to be his birthday the day after the Saturday gathering. As they perform Lauv’s “I Like Me Better” for their last song number, the cast threw away souvenir balls to the audience.

This fan meeting of Cutie Pie series cast comes after the recent visits of Between Us the Series cast lead by main actors Boun Noppanut Guntachai and Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong and the first solo fan meeting of Win Metawin from the Thai series “2Gether” and “F4 Thailand”. The Thai wave continues in PH with the upcoming events like “LACON: A Fan Convention for Thai Fandom 2023” this July and a fan meeting of “My School President” cast in August.

Cutie Pie: 1st Fan Meeting in Manila 2023 was presented by Wish Us Luck.

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