The Bay Strikes Back Tour brings Testament, Death Angel, EXODUS to the Philippines

Christian Melanie Lee
Though there are a legion of successful heavy metal acts that have reached various heights of fame and notoriety, there are only a few that have earned the title as being “genre-defining…” And as far as thrash metal is concerned, there are names in the game who have long cemented their status as being the originators by laying out the blueprint for the timeless sound and the fury that reigns strong to this day.

Testament. Exodus. Death Angel. Three legendary names any true-blooded metal fan would know and love. Emerging from the widely revered 80s underground thrash metal scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, all three bands unknowingly helped create a sound that was a hybrid of the New Wave of Heavy Metal British Heavy Metal and fast, street-style punk that laid the foundation to some of the most important sub-genres and artists that would follow.

It is this same foundation and formula that influenced and helped catapult The Big Four of thrash – Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer – into the global superstars they are now: all through a grassroots/D.I.Y. sensibilities like worldwide tape-trading (way before there was the internet…), incendiary live shows that many considered to be almost-religious experiences, and a worldwide sense of community, even with the absence of radio airplay and airtime on MTV.

And now, PULP LIVE WORLD is bringing the experience to Manila this 2023!

Slated to invade our shores on September 21st 2023, The Bay Strikes Back Tour Manila - the long-overdue show to end all metal shows of the year - will be held at the Skydome at SM City North Edsa. Filipino fans will surely be excited to hear that tickets are affordable, and if they’re fast enough - they can upgrade their tickets to avail of a limited number of meet and greet slots for each band. Tickets officially go on sale this June 24th, 2023 at 12 noon via SM Tickets outlets nationwide or online via

Without sounding too extreme, it is safe to say that no self-respecting metalhead would dare miss this show – this is the ultimate experience any fan of the genre can ask for, and for the uninitiated, the best chance to experience and LEARN first-hand where it all started for thrash and heavy metal. Make sure you're there for this historic event, brought to you by PULP Live World.

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