LACON 2023 Convenes Thai Enthusiasts in PH

Josh Alvarez
Last July 8, the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) in Pasay City became a melting pot of Thai enthusiasts in the Philippines as they gather for LACON 2023, a day of T-Pop competitions, booth and exhibitions, games, and a fan meeting with Hit Bite Love the Series artists.

LACON 2023 convened various Thai fandoms under one roof making it the first of its kind in the country. Below are the reasons why LACON 2023 is the most colorful festival this month!

1. Booths and Exhibitions

Upon entering the PTTC, attendees were greeted by fandom booths which offer different exhibits. Some have standees and photobooks of their idols on-display, some were giving away freebies, while some have interactive games that participants got to enjoy.

2. T-Pop Competitions

Filipino conventions will never be complete without the showcase of talents. Apart from the creative booths, several acts also got to perform on stage. In the T-Pop singing competition, a contestant performed Jeff Satur’s “Why Don’t You Stay” while another contender gave a female cover of Billkin Putthipong’s “Mr. Everything”.

3. From Fancon to FUNcon!

We interviewed a few attendees to know the reasons why they are at LACON 2023. They told us that they would want to know more of Thailand culture, interact with other Filipino Thai enthusiasts, make friends, and meet with the Hit Bite Love the series cast. Check out our fun interviews with them below!

4. Getting to Know the Hit Bite Love the Series Actors

Gracing LACON 2023 are Hit Bite Love the Series actors “Tae” Natthapat Meesuk, “Vic” Vittawin Panichtamrong, “Jurkung” Vasin Traiprakhong, “Newyear” Nawaphat Thannamongkhonsawat, Alan Campana, “Bigboss” Woraphon Charoensuk, and “Goove” Jirayus Sarika

We had the chance to ask questions to Vic and Jur during the press conference. We asked Vic about his stand on love being kept secret. He responded that since it’s love, he believes that one must be outspoken about it, and it has to be open. When we asked Jur about places where he would tour his fans in Thailand, he told us that vising temples such as the Wat Arun or the Grand Palace is recommended together with a road trip along the Chao Praya River.

5. Games and Performances

The main event at LACON 2023 was the appearance of Hit Bite Love series actors on stage. They opened with a song and dance number to the tune of “Hit Me, Bite Me”, an official soundtrack from the series followed by their greetings to their fans.

Following the cast’s introduction and a short interview, a game with Goove followed. The game was dubbed “Goove to Know You” which allowed fans to guess Goove’s pick among the given choices. We learned that Goove prefers beach over amusement parks and playing video games over sports. Fans also got to witness an impromptu performance of “Hit Me, Bite Me” by Goove!

Check out the videos here.

Tae and Vic followed and together serenade the fans with a song performance. They played the game “Alam Ko ‘Yan”, a Filipino word guessing game. Among the words guessed were “ligaya” (happiness), “magmuni-muni” (deep thinking), and “alapaap” (clouds). Tae wins over Vic but both received a cute punishment-a dance for their fans. Watch them play and do their punishment below!

An energetic song number by the duo of Alan and Bigboss followed that really hyped the crowd up. They played the game “Never Ever” in which the host asked questions and they will either respond with a cute or a cool pose. A cute pose means they had or have done the thing being asked while a cool pose would mean otherwise. With this game, we learned that both Alan and Bigboss have had broken bones!

Last to be back on stage were Jur and Newyear who sang their hearts out in a very special song number. They got to play “I Know You Know”, a game that asks both the player to make a pose about the word to be given. Check out their cute poses below!

Just as about they leave the stage, Jur felt a bit sweaty that he partially removed his jacket. Newyear puts it back and wipes out Jur’s sweat to the delight of the PTTC crowd.

Truly, LACON 2023 has become an avenue for Filipino Thai enthusiasts to interact and have a day solely for them and enjoy the warmth of a community they belong to. LACON 2023 was presented by Wish Us Luck and Jinloe Media Work.

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