The Boyz Brought The "Thrill Ride" to Araneta

Gelo de Vera

11-member boygroup The Boyz recently visited Manila, Philippines to bring their Zeneration Tour to the Smart Araneta Coliseum! In case you missed it, here's everything that went down!

1. The jampacked concert consisted of "TIMELESS" hits and B-sides

The Boyz certainly showcased the best of their discography with a setlist including their top hits and fan favorites. The Manila setlist of the tour included"Reveal,"I'm Your Boy,""Text Me Back,""Whisper,""Thrill Ride,""Daydream, and "Maverick," to name a few. Interestingly, the show was split into different sounds and vibes. Deobis got to see different sides of The Boyz with different sounds filling in the Coliseum including energetic, soulful, cute, and passionate vibes. They also did not miss out on highlighting great dance performances. 

2. The Boyz Gave It Their All  

As the boygroup consists of 11 members, watching all of them take on dance choreographies was  a feast! All members of the group gave it their all in showcasing their powerful choreographies for their Filipino Deobis to enjoy. It was a spectacle to see a group like The Boyz be synchronized for most of their dances. 

3. Unforgettable Fan Interactions 

If we are to rank K-POP groups that are generous with fan interactions, The Boyz definitely makes it to the top of the list. Araneta felt more intimate as each member took so much of their time to interact with fans. Even fans from the 2nd-3rd floor of the venue felt connected with them! Members definitely did not just focus on interacting with the fans on the floor but made sure everyone in the venue leaves feeling satisfied. 

Overall, the Zeneration Tour was worth every peso spent by Filipino Deobis. DNM Entertainment made sure that they won't sacrifice important elements in the production and brought in an experience that truly brought us closer to The Boyz, our "Zen". 


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