Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista signs with NYMA in co-management contract with Stages

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Singer, actor, and host Christian Bautista will explore new opportunities after signing a co-management contract with The Stages Group and NYMA. The contract was formally sealed on August 3 at NYMA’s talent launch and press conference event.

Now, with the co-management contract inked, Christian’s career is set to shine even brighter with the combined expertise and support of both talent management agencies. This collaboration promises to redefine the artist’s trajectory in the entertainment industry, breaking new ground in the tradigital space.


With over 20 years in the business, The Stages Group is known for nurturing exceptional artists such as Bautista, The Company, Sam Concepcion, Jessica Sanchez and more.

Similarly, NYMA, the talent management arm of KROMA Entertainment, boasts a strong reputation for fostering Filipino creative talents including celebrity and vlogger Kristel Fulgar, food content creator Abi Marquez, and Home Buddies founder Frances Cabatuando, among others.

“Like the harmonious blend of two powerful melodies, Christian Bautista's journey takes an exciting turn as he joins the NYMA management team in a co-management agreement with Stages. Together, we will orchestrate a symphony of success, each note resonating with passion, talent, and unwavering dedication,” Kat Bautista, Head of NYMA, said.

She added, “As his career continues to crescendo, Christian will be guided by the synergy of Stages and NYMA, which will inspire and uplift hearts, reaching new heights and touching souls worldwide. We couldn't be more excited and honored to be partnering with an internationally renowned talent like Christian and a powerhouse company, The Stages Group.”

On why he signed with NYMA, Christian Bautista said: “I witnessed NYMA’s strategic exponential growth and drive, especially in the digital space. I am excited to learn more and dive in head first! I like the team's energy and passion as they approach the entertainment industry both as a disruptor and a collaborator.”

He added, “The team-up of both Stages and NYMA will benefit not just my career but both companies as well. I look forward to an exciting journey with them, and I'm very happy to have two hard working companies, who are very close to me, work hand in hand towards the future.”

After two decades of sharing his passions as a singer-songwriter and performer, Christian has become a Filipino household name who remains one of the most successful musical artists in Asia.

As a product of a singing competition, people first got a glimpse of Christian Bautista as a contestant in Star In A Million, a Philippine reality show aired on ABS-CBN, winning 4th place in the competition in 2003. After the competition, his career flourished as a singer and as an actor not only in the Philippines but also in the global scene.

Among his notable projects is the 2011 pan-Asian musical series called The Kitchen Musical, which aired on the Asian network AXN, with fellow Filipino talent Karylle and other Asian artists in Singapore.

Dubbed as Asia’s Romantic Balladeer, Christian has gained popularity not just in the Philippines but in different parts of Southeast Asia, notably Indonesia. In 2022, he stirred up Indonesian fans’ excitement when he performed at the Atlas Beach Fest Culinary Grounds in Bali, Indonesia for his 20th anniversary “The Way You Look At Me” concert. The artist’s quick trip was totally jam-packed with events and guestings, including appearances in RCTI TV and Trans TV, and a bank sponsored concert featuring Michael Learns to Rock.

His chart-topping single, “The Way You Look At Me,” drew huge success, captivating audiences in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. His multi-platinum album propelled him to OPM stardom, with classic hits like "Colour Everywhere," “In Love With You”, and "Hands to Heaven."

As a GMA Kapuso artist for 10 years now, Christian Bautista has been present on screen with various hosting and acting roles, including being a judge on The Clash.

He is currently part of the weekend Kapuso variety show All-Out Sundays.

Christian Bautista sings ‘You Are Everything’ with the ‘Unbreak My Heart’ cast in All Out Sundays video

NYMA, which means “Now You Must Aspire,” aims to co-build a career with boundless opportunities for their newest talent.

“With unwavering support, guidance, and a shared vision, NYMA and Stages will elevate Christian's talents, allowing him to shine brighter with the new generation of consumers. With a shared focus on driving his multi-screen presence – singing, acting, and hosting talents – we will utilize the opportunity to embrace new markets,” Kat said.

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