"Eh Di Wow," Eric Nam Shows Off Newly-Learned Filipino Phrases

Celine Conde

The Ayala Malls Market Market Activity Center was alive with excitement on the evening of August 5th as fans of Korean-American artist Eric Nam gathered for a memorable fan meeting. The venue was adorned with banners left and right, a testament to the unwavering support and anticipation that the fans had for this long-awaited event. Filo Nam Nation had been devoted followers of Eric since his hosting days on "After School Club."

The fan meeting was hosted by the ever-energetic Denise Laurel, who effortlessly engaged the crowd throughout the evening. However, it was Eric Nam himself who stole the show with his charismatic stage presence. Despite being in the spotlight for years, Eric exhibited a charm and confidence that made it feel as though he were hosting his very own fan meeting.

One of the most memorable segments of the evening was when Eric playfully attempted to deliver some funny and trendy Filipino phrases. From "Sana All" to "Eh Di' Wow," and "Bakit Malungkot Ang Beshie Ko?," Eric embraced the challenge with a delightful amount of aegyo, sending the crowd into fits of laughter.


The connection between Eric and his fans was truly heartwarming as he took the time to read and respond to hand-written notes prepared by them. As a teaser for his upcoming song, he treated the audience to a sneak peek with a brief rendition, which was met with resounding cheers and enthusiastic applause from every corner of the activity center.

After a brief intermission, Eric returned to the stage, showcasing his status as an all-round entertainer. He sang his popular tracks including "House on a Hill," "Runaway," and "Love Die Young." His interaction with fans continued as he even invited them to suggest songs for him to perform next. Lucky fans were treated to the live rendition highly-requested tracks like "Perhaps Love" and "Good For You," creating an electric atmosphere that resonated throughout the venue.

As the evening drew to a close, a select group of lucky fans were granted the opportunity to join Eric on stage for group photos. Bidding his farewells, Eric Nam left his Filipino fans with a promise to return soon and expressed his desire to collaborate on local projects to connect even more with his enthusiastic Filipino supporters.

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