Taeyeon’s Odd Of Love in Manila was FINE In All Aspects

Gelo de Vera

K-Superstar and Girls’ Generation main vocalist Taeyeon brought her “The Odd Of Love” concert to the Smart Araneta Coliseum last July 30 and it was more than “Fine” of a performance.

The “INVU” hitmaker and organizers of Odd Of Love, DNM Entertainment made sure the experience will not be compromised by completely recreating the original stage and LED set-up to that of South Korea’s. The concert was a visual spectacle no fan should want to ever miss. Stunning visuals and lighting accompanied the singer’s powerful songs and vocals.

The setlist is what every fan can wish for, with hits including “Fine,” “INVU,” “I,” “Weekend,” “Spark,” to name a few. Throughout the performance, Taeyeon showed off her vocal pipes while even dancing to select songs. What stood out in Odd Of Love would be intimate moments the star spent with fans just sitting down and belting her lyrics. Moreover, her connection with SONEs is unmatched.

While a great concert experience is a collaboration between the artist and the audience, SONEs certainly took the lead with their successful fan projects and loud cheers for Taeyeon. We can tell the star had stunned moments as fans knew every lyric, have stood up and partied on some songs, and most importantly made their love felt all around the coliseum.

In the words of Taeyeon, “we are are beshies.” Odd Of Love was a heartwarming concert that reminded SONEs why Taeyeon is such a big star— and it’s because of her deep connection with fans even in moments of silence. Indeed, this love for Taeyeon and vice versa is odd. In a good way. 

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