Taecyeon showcased his SpecialTY in Manila fanmeeting

Reyn Guergio
The South Korean K-pop idol and actor, Taecyeon, recently held his highly-anticipated fanmeeting, 'OK TAECYEON IN MANILA: SpecialTY', at the New Frontier Theater in Manila last September 23. This marked the second stop on his tour, with the mission to connect with his OKtizens across Asia.

You may know him as the actor from the recent K-drama, 'Heartbeat', or from his days as an active K-pop idol, specifically as the Main Rapper of JYP Entertainment's boy group, 2PM. Regardless of whether you discovered Taecyeon through his acting projects or as a musician, his versatility as an artist is undeniable. Now, after 10 years, he has returned to Manila and his fans, PH Hottest and OKtizens, grabbed the chance to meet him once again.

A day before the fan meeting, he first greeted the media at a press conference. When asked about his motivation as an actor and idol, he quickly answered that everything he does is for his fans. "Every time I go to work, appear on TV or in movies, without you guys, it's basically meaningless. So, thank you."

He also expressed that people wanted to remember him as, "a person who made people happy. I just want to be a part of your life wherein I can be your strength or energy.'

Taecyeon kick-started the night by energizing the crowd with his opening performance of "MAGIC" by 2PM. This powerful song number instantly conveyed his enthusiasm. He then introduced himself and expressed his gratitude to everyone for showing up despite the rain. The affection he received, even at the beginning of the fan meeting, made him want to return “very, very, very” soon.

If you’ve known him for some time, you already know this: Taecyeon has a vibrant personality and enjoys joking around, particularly with his fans. He whimsically expressed sympathy for the men in the crowd while the women swooned over his every action, such as when he used a towel to dry his sweat. 

Taecyeon even picked up the Tagalog slang "Borta," during the press conference with PULP Live World's COO Happee Sy-Go and host Kring Kim. It means "macho" or "ripped," and good-naturedly joked about himself and the men in the venue being "Borta." We certainly don't deny that he is indeed "Borta."

To connect more with his Filo OKtizens and Hottest, Taecyeon performed a cover of 'Forevermore,' a popular OPM. Moved by this surprise, his fans joined in, their voices blended beautifully with the mellow melody of the song.

Aside from learning a lot about Taecyeon during the TMI challenge, he also played more fun games with everyone! And for the prizes, he jumps down the stage to personally hand over the gift to the lucky fans! The number of times he jumped off the stage to interact more closely with his fans was too many to count!

We also got a glimpse of Barista Taecyeon as he brewed coffee onstage. Being the generous individual that he is, Taecyeon went down the stage once more to present the freshly brewed coffee to a fan. Of course, the coffee was inside a special signed tumbler! And have I mentioned that every winner received a hug?

And because fans are just like their idols, PH OKtizens presented a very touching video for Taecyeon. He responded by telling them in Tagalog, "Mahal ko kayo, SOBRA." He also reassured fans that they’re gonna come back as 6 somewhere in the future, “It may take long but I will return with my members. We will return as 6.”

You might be thinking right now: “It wouldn’t end without performing a 2PM hit, right?” And you're absolutely right! He came back onto the stage in more casual attire, turned up the music, and invited fans to party with him with the song "Hands Up". The iconic techno intro of the 2PM song set off wild excitement among the fans.

The night was wild, crazy, and surely became the best night for every 'Hottest' inside the New Frontier Theater.

It was an unforgettable event where Taecyeon made every single attendee feel special, going above and beyond for his fans. He not only performed and entertained, but also brewed coffee and provided excellent fan service. Taecyeon truly showcased all his SpecialTYs at this fanmeeting. The 10-year wait was definitely worth it.

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