Turnover lit up their show in Manila

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The boys from Virginia Beach, Turnover are back in Manila. They held the first leg of their Asia Tour at the Sky Dome, SM North Edsa last August 31 and it was more than a "Supernatural" performance.

Originally formed in Virginia Beach, Turnover is known for their pop-punk roots and brought us a new element of synth pop to the mix from a number of shoegaze-inspired albums from Altogether, Good Nature, and Peripheral Vision. Their newest album Myself in the Way, has elements of new-wave and still retains the ethereal guitars and poetic songwriting that Turnover is known for.

The show started with songs from their newest album Tears of Change, Myself in the Way, and Mountains Made of Clouds really gave the fans a refreshing look of frontman Austin Getz putting down the guitar and playing keys on their show. Throughout their performance, Turnover showed us how technical they can be in bringing new elements to their sound especially seeing them with new effects.

While a great concert experience is a collaboration between the band and fans, Skydome erupted when the band pulled Cutting My Fingers Off out of nowhere following it up with Humming and Super Natural just to name a few, until the band teased that their last song was Dizzy On the Comedown.

After the song, the band paused and let the guitars sustain, and started to play Take My Head as their encore. We can tell the band had stunned moments as fans jumped, danced, and knew all the words and also gave them the chance to sing certain lines of songs and most importantly made their love felt around the venue.


In the words of Austin, "mabuhay and mahal ko kayo" Turnover's comeback in Manila after 3 years, really was a heartwarming experience for all the emo fans who are slowly growing up. This shows that Turnover's music has touched the Philippines at an "Intrapersonal" level.

Words by Ivan Castro
Photos by Josh Trinidad

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