Pre-Fanmeet Playlist: 4 CHANYEOL Songs to Listen to Before his PENSHOPPE Event in Manila

Reyn Guergio

The "Cherry Prince" of EXO, CHANYEOL, will once again visit his Manila fans as PENSHOPPE hosts a fanmeeting in Manila. The much-anticipated fanmeet is set to take place on December 16 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

As clothing giant, PENSHOPPE got EXO’s Chanyeol as their newest brand ambassador, Filo-EXOLs and Yeolmaes have been preparing themselves to meet him again. And to hype you more up, we have prepared some songs you should add to your playlist now.

Good Enough

It's okay, we will be fine just like this. Good enough." This is the kind of song you'd expect a good-hearted Chanyeol to write for his fans. It's mellow, comforting, and reassuring. "Good Enough" is his latest solo track that you should binge-listen to while working, studying, or just chilling with a cup of coffee. Moreover, his musky voice adds a texture to the song that is truly pleasing to the ear!


"Tomorrow" is a special track Chanyeol left for his Yeolmaes before enlisting in the military. It's acoustic pop layered with mellow beats, infused with his reflections on the future. Showcasing Chanyeol's soothing vocals, this song is the perfect choice for those moments when you need something calming to accompany you.

Regret It

If you've been an EXO-L for a while, you're aware that Chanyeol contributes the most to the group's songwriting. In their latest album, 'EXIST', Chanyeol served a groovy R&B track alongside his EXO members. And since it's an EXO song, you can expect a heavenly blend of vocals right up to the very end!


"Nothin'" is his solo track on EXO-SC's '1 Billion Views' album. The song emphasizes doing what you love and desire, despite others' opinions. Combining his satisfying rap and hypnotizing vocals, it's a song that instantly conjures thoughts of him, and it’s a song you’ll want to hear him sing live!

You may know him as EXO's Main Rapper and Lead Vocal, the C in EXO-SC, or you’ve streamed non-stop to his hit K-Drama OST "Stay With Me." Knowing how multi-talented he is, you wouldn’t pass up the chance to see him live, right?

In order to get tickets to the fanmeeting, you’ll need to receive a confirmation email from PENSHOPPE. Here’s the full details on how to get your tickets. How much do you need to spend to see Chanyeol? Check the image below:

Let's welcome CHANYEOL again this coming Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia Arena! See you there, EXO-Ls and Yeolmaes!

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