NCT 127 Wraps First Stadium Show in the Philippines

Gelo de Vera

No need to FACT CHECK, NCT 127 are here to stay with Filipino Czennies! After finishing their "The Unity" concert in Bulacan, fans are left wanting more! Read through what went down below!

1. A very successful performance in The Philippines

Following many shows in the past, including other units of NCT, Filipino NCTzens still showed up for their Ilichil. The super-soldout The Link show in Manila made waves online following the pandemic drought for NCT in Manila, resulting to being given the chance to perform at one of the country's biggest concert venues. Yet, thousands of fans still flocked to the venue even though they have just recently spent on DoJaeJung, NCT Dream, WayV, etc. in Manila. NCT 127 still showcased their energy for Filipino fans with their memorable performances.

2. A unique setlist from the usual NCT 127

We'd say the setlist of "The Unity" concert is quite different from previous tours of NCT 127, focusing heavily on B-Sides rather than hits. Yet, they are still able to make a great show allowing fans to hear songs not usually performed live by the boys. This makes it more meaningful to fans in the concert as they got to feel really connected with their favorite boys. 

3. A smooth experience with DNM Entertainment

The organized of the said concert was heavily fan-centered, showing that they are hearing fans thoughts ever since they announced the seatmap of the concert. Many fans on X pointed out that ticket verification, lines, and overall concert experience was smooth for a show held in the Philippine Arena area. 

4. A memorable reassurance from NCT 127

Ending their show with "Be There For Me," "Angel Eyes" "Promise You," etc., the members of NCT 127 reassured fans that they love going to the Philippines and that they will always "Be There" for NCTzens. Similarly, fans also promised the boys to be there for them. This allowed the venue to be filled with warm vibes of support from both NCT 127 and their Czennies. Surely, it felt like home being at the Philippine Sports Stadium.

Special thanks to DNM Entertainment for bringing NCT 127 back in the Philippines! 💚

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