Darlene Soars Solo: From The Voice Kids to P-pop Solo Stardom with Daydream

Gwyn Javier

Darlene, the talented girl who once captivated us as the "Girl on Fire" on The Voice Kids, is back in the spotlight, this time making waves as a soloist in the P-pop scene. On February 16, at Marco Polo, she met with the media to talk about her debut solo song, "Daydream," marking a significant milestone in her career. 

From her early days on The Voice Kids to becoming a member of the idol group YGIG under SBTown, Darlene has undergone a remarkable transformation. Now, she stands tall as a soloist, ready to explore various musical genres and showcase her versatility on stage.

"Daydream," a song Darlene actively contributed to, talks about the complexities of falling in love. It narrates the familiar scenario of denying one's feelings, only to find oneself falling even deeper, stuck daydreaming about that special someone.

In preparation for her solo debut, Darlene expressed her eagerness to break free from musical constraints and embrace a diverse range of genres. She shared that the journey back to the stage as a solo performer required a considerable amount of preparation and hard work.

Prioritizing everyone’s well-being, she chose not to hinder YGIG's success and decided to go solo to focus on her health. After a long period of rest, Darlene is now not only much healthier but also more enthusiastic than ever to continue her journey in the music industry as a P-pop soloist.

As we celebrate Darlene's return to the spotlight, we invite you to check out her latest single, "Daydream." The song not only reflects Darlene's growth as a rising artist but also offers a catchy tune that resonates with anyone who has ever found themselves daydreaming about a certain someone that they like. 

Words by: Charlene Jaranilla

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