Cha Eunwoo Reminds Us Why He is K-Royalty

Gelo de Vera

Last March 16, Cha Eunwoo brought his "Mystery Elevator" fan concert here in the Philippines, marking yet another successful fan meeting in the country.

During the fan concert, Eunwoo reminded us of a few things: that with his talents, visuals, and charisma, he is here is here to stay. And he is K-Royalty. 

Why K-Royalty, you say? Throughout his years in the industry, Eunwoo has always been the talk of the town. From his rising years as a member of Astro to making waves as one of the biggest K-Drama actors, you know he always brings a treat. And this fan concert solidified that. 

With many performances featuring songs off his latest release "ENTITY," fans surely got to see the performer they've loved about Lee Dongmin. The idol even placed a cherry on top with a medley of Astro bangers that Arohas surely got emotional about witnessing live, as Astro hasn't been able to bring these performances after their 2016 appearance at MBC Music Show Manila. 

Photo credit: Fantagio

Alongside great performances, Arohas got to see a different, more confident side, of Eunwoo during the talking segments. If we are being completely unhinged, by handcount, Eunwoo has blessed Arohas eyes by flashing his arms and biceps about 4 times for fans to see. And we loved every bit of it even though the actor is humble enough to brush it off with shy smiles afterwards.

Photo credit: Fantagio

After the concert, fans are left with happy smiles and happy hearts, which, only great performers are able to give their audience. And with every part of the concert, Eunwoo made sure fans are enjoying. The "Just One 10 Minute" show is a stamp in the industry that Cha Eunwoo, backed with his years of experience in acting, performing, and putting on shows, has become a big force in the industry. That with every fan meet he holds, there is something new. And more importantly, something viral and unexpected to witness with your eyes.

With every smile, stare, and words uttered, Eunwoo makes you feel like royalty. It is a feeling that cannot be explained, but a feeling that you just have to experience the next time you see the actor. 

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