ED SHEERAN IN MANILA: Creating Core Memories with Filipino Fans on the Mathematics Tour

Reyn Guergio

After seven long years, the multiple Grammy-winning British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran serenaded his Filipino fans during the Mathematics Tour in Manila, as part of the Asian leg of his world tour. The highly anticipated concert was attended by more than 45,000 fans at the SMDC Festival Grounds on March 9, 2024.

If you've seen clips of the Mathematics Tour in the US and thought it would be impossible to replicate it in our country, you've been proven wrong. Ed Sheeran brought the phenomenal revolving 360-degree stage to Manila which is also the 100th show of the said tour. The genius stage ensured that every attendee had an unobstructed view of the artist they've long admired during this once-in-a-lifetime event. Also, the vibrant visuals on the large screens added to the festive ambiance of the setup.

It was a musical feast for Sheerios; they didn't just witness Ed perform, they also vibed and sang along with Calum Scott, who delivered some of his hits: "At My Worst," "You Are the Reason," "Lighthouse," "Biblical," "If You Ever Change Your Mind," and, of course, the crowd favorite, "Dancing on My Own."

Ed also brought onstage the local band, Ben&Ben to open for his tour in Manila. As usual, the all-Filipino indie folk-pop band that we all love delivered a spectacular set of performances, ranging from the mellow "Leaves" and "Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay" to their well-loved upbeat love song "Paninindigan Kita." The proud moments didn’t end there — Ed called them back to perform "Maybe The Night" together. What a surreal moment!

As the night grew darker, every fan inside the venue beamed with excitement. At exactly 8:15 PM, Ed took center stage and opened the concert with powerful hits "Tides" and "Blow." He was greeted with the loudest cheers from Filipino fans as he showcased his impressive guitar skills and served soothing yet strong vocals. He also made it clear that all sounds heard in the venue were created live at the moment—no backing tracks, no CDs for backup. Every sound was produced by him and his band that night.

He wowed the PH-Sheerios with his classics from the entire '+ - = ÷ x' album series. Among the songs he performed were "The A Team," "Castle on the Hill," "Give Me Love," "Lego House," "Perfect," "Photograph," "Shape of You," and more.

The singer reminisced about his first visit to the country, recalling it as one of the loudest crowds he has ever encountered. He then dared everyone to match notes with him, and as he was about to sing "Thinking Out Loud," he instructed everyone not to just sing, but to scream the lyrics. "If you don't know the lyrics, then you're at the wrong concert," Ed joked as he strummed his guitar. This statement amused the Filipinos, as that song had been hailed as the country's unofficial national anthem, being played everywhere when it was released in 2014.

The multi-awarded singer performed a beautifully blended mashup of "Don't" and "No Diggity." Additionally, he sang "Love Yourself," explaining that he wrote the song back in 2015, which was then recorded and popularized by Justin Bieber.

To conclude the night, he energized the stage with performances of "Shape of You" and "Bad Habits," accompanied by a massive fireworks display. It was the perfect finale to an unforgettable night with Ed Sheeran. Every Filo-Sheerio at the SMDC Festival Grounds went home with hearts filled with new core memories to cherish well into their 70s and beyond.

Event made possible by Ovation Productions and AEG Presents Asia
Mobile photos by Reyn Guergio

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