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As P-pop continues to rise from the charts, a new era has dawned for VXON as they get ready for the release of their First Album, ‘20:20’ last January 26. The upcoming release from the Monsters of P-pop sets a clear vision into their 2024 discography, as the name of their album suggests. 

‘20:20’ beckons us into a world where melodies meet foresight. As the album continues to soar in the charts, let's rewind the clock to VXON's media launch last January 18, at the UMQ HQ.

What 20:20 is All About—Vulnerability and Reliability

VXON is not just about catchy tunes and smooth dance moves; they're on a mission to make their mark with relatable, heartfelt music. During the Q&A session, the members emphasized that ‘20:20’ is all about vulnerability and reliability. They aim to mirror the everyday troubles and joys of life through their songs, offering listeners a way to resonate with the highs and lows of their own experiences through their music.

Album Preparation and Challenges Faced

When asked about the challenges faced during the preparation of ‘20:20’, Franz revealed an unexpected hurdle. The recording process coincided with what he humorously referred to as "coughing season," leading to extended recording times to ensure their voices sounded pitch-perfect. Despite the challenges, the album provided an opportunity for each member to explore their individual music styles through solo collaborations. Franz expressed nervousness but saw it as a growth opportunity, while Vince Enzo highlighted how these solo ventures sparked creativity and strengthened the team dynamic as they supported each other.

Collaborations with MC Einstein, Zephanie, and G22 AJ

VXON's collaboration game was strong on this album as it features MC Einstein, Zephanie, and G22 AJ in their solo songs. C13 shared his experience working with AJ on "O Kay Sarap," highlighting how he learned valuable insights into singing, given his usual role as a rapper in VXON. Franz, on the other hand, discussed the creation of "Miss Na Kita" with Zephanie, expressing gratitude for the collaboration with someone he looks up to. It was not just a musical partnership, but a bonding experience between best friends as they spent late nights writing and finalizing the song.

Favorite Songs for their VIXIES

When asked about their favorite tracks from the album and which one they would dedicate to their fans, the members revealed a unanimous choice. Sam, Patrick, and Vince Enzo all chose "KNT," while C13 selected "O Kay Sarap" and "Miss Na Kita." Franz also picked "KNT" and "O Kay Sarap," showcasing the group's shared love for these tracks and their significance to both the members and their fans. VIXIES should really look out for KNT, as it was picked by the majority of the boys. 

VXON's Evolving Music Style

VXON has been on a journey of musical experimentation since their debut, exploring various genres and concepts. Franz said, "We've been experimenting with our sound since debut. Marami na po kaming na-try na mga genres. Kung mapapansin niyo po palipat-lipat po kami  ng concepts from light to dark to EDM to Pop. From there, nagkaroon po kami ng mga ideas, and we were able to weigh where we can better express ourselves. Nung nagmemeeting din po kami about group identity and kung ano yung gusto naming iparating sa mga listeners. From that, mas nasolidify po namin yung identity namin and sound. Yung main difference po from before is that hindi na po kami sugod lang ng sugod, mas gusto na po namin na mag-touch ng feelings through our music and life experience po." And then Sam added that "Personal experience, before sobra kasi kaming technical. The way of singing, dancing. Siguro difference 'non was ito yung first time namin nakaramdam na sobrang mahal na mahal namin yung song. Plus the way we sang them during recording, sobrang iba siya. Mas naririnig namin yung 'kami', mas nararamdaman namin kung ano yung tunog namin now." 

"Franz emphasized that their music has evolved from simply making an impact to touching the listeners' feelings through personal experiences. Sam added that their current style is more rooted in personal experiences, allowing them to truly connect with the emotions embedded in their songs."

One Word to Describe "20:20”

As the Q&A session wrapped up, the members were tasked with using one word to describe their first album. Sam and Patrick went for "Woah" and "Wow," respectively, eliciting laughter from everyone. C13 chose "Us," Franz opted for "Vulnerable," and Vince Enzo playfully said "Extravagant," prompting Franz to jokingly add "Unkabogable" to the mix. 

After three weeks since their album launch last January 26, VXON’s single SSP (Saksak sa Puso) recently entered Spotify’s Viral Songs Philippines at #47, making it their most popular song on Spotify now. You can keep on streaming VXON’s 20:20 album here: https://vxon.lnk.to/2020

Words by: Charlene Jaranilla


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