Welcome to Magic Shop: B★Verse Manila Is Now Open

Celine Conde

Missing our OT7? Get up close and personal to your BTS bias and 6 bias wreckers! BVerse Manila, the first-everimmersive AI experience and exhibition dedicated to BTS, has officially opened its doors at Gateway Mall 2, Araneta City, Quezon City. We had the incredible opportunity to attend the Purple Carpet Event last May 14 with fellow ARMYs and can't wait to share the experience with you! CW: Spoilers Ahead!



A Magical Welcome for ARMY

The first thing you need to do is present your ticket at the designated counter. Once the staff validates your ticket, they’ll be giving you a brochure and some special gifts - including a random photocard. It's the perfect keepsake for every ARMY, and if you come with friends, you can even trade if you’re after getting your bias member’s photocard.


The Purple Carpet Experience

A walkway that’s ARMY-approved and worthy. The purple carpet will lead you to the VR experience room. With rows of tables and enough devices that could easily accommodate 50-80 people, every seat promises an intimate encounter with BTS. The orientation will guide you through using the VR equipment and eye mask provided. As the show begins, there’s really only the SCREAMING and FANGIRLING left to do. 

You'll feel closer to BTS than ever before, enjoying four performances that make you feel like the boys are within reach. Staff are always on hand to assist with any issues, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience.


Exploring the Seven Planets

After the VR show, you'll enter the mesmerizing Seven Planets exhibition. Greeted by a huge blue Christmas tree adorned with member photos, you'll journey through planets representing each BTS member:

·         RM Planet: A haven of flowers and greenery, reflecting Namjoon’s love for nature.
·         Jin's Satellite: A celestial space reminding ARMY of Jin's connection to the moon and his song "The Astronaut."
·         Suga's Art Planet: Filled with artistic designs and playful lighting, showcasing the producer's unmatched creativity.
·         Jimin's Aqua Planet: A serene, reflection-themed room, mirroring Jimin's transparent and pure personality.
·         J-Hope Planet: Vibrant with street art, celebrating J-Hope's hip-hop and dance roots.
·         V's Film Planet: A tribute to V's love for photography and classic media.
·         Jungkook's Planet: Decorated with his iconic tattoos, creating an edgy and personal space.


Each room features exclusive The Fact Music Awards photos and an interactive LED screen, offering a visual feast that cameras can't capture. This is definitely one of our favorite sections, so make sure to visit all 7.

Army Way and Beyond

Continue through the borahae-colored "Army Way," with purple walls adorned with iconic BTS lyrics and group photos. The journey then takes you through a timeline of The Fact Music Awards, showcasing other award-winning artists like TXT, Seventeen, Enhypen, and Twice, with an even more prominent display of BTS's achievements.


The Meteor Shower Room

In the "Meteor Shower" room, you can immerse yourself in non-stop BTS performances on LED screens across all sides of the room. Sit back, relax, and let the music light up the free star pin gifted to you, syncing perfectly with the rhythm.

We almost didn’t want to leave this room!


Budol Area

Make sure to stop by the Merch Shop for some exclusive BVerse Manila treasures. It’s honestly a total haven for ARMYs! From exclusive postcards capturing unseen moments to stylish clear files, chic shirts, and trendy tote bags, there's something for every fan. Don't miss the must-have calendar that will keep your BTS memories alive all year round.


Send-Off Area

Before you leave, don't miss the hallway adorned with life-size standees of all seven members. This spot is perfect for capturing one last photo to remember your incredible journey through BVerse Manila. It's the ultimate way to conclude your visit, surrounded by the members who brought so much joy into your life.


Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Secure your tickets at TicketNet. Regular tickets are priced at P1,500, allowing you to reserve a time slot in the site, while the Flexi pass at P1,900 gives you the flexibility to visit anytime there are open slots. Each guided tour lasts about an hour and the entire exhibit will only be available until August 15, 2024.


So, what are you waiting for, ARMY? Come and find your magic at BVerse Manila.

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