Style Conquest 2024 | Dazzling fashion show featuring PPop stars, talented designers

Christian Melanie Lee

The highly anticipated Style Conquest 2024 concluded with remarkable success at the Green Sun Hotel on June 30, 2024. The event was a spectacular celebration of fashion, featuring stunning collections from a mix of industry veterans and promising new designers, along with show-stopping appearances by popular P-pop groups and a renowned VIVA Artist.

The runway came alive as P-pop groups G22, VXON, AJAA, and YES MY LOVE (YML), along with VIVA Artist Rabin Angeles, flaunted the latest fashion trends, bringing an electrifying energy to the event. Their participation added a dynamic and engaging element to the show, captivating the audience with their star power and charisma.

The designers showcased an impressive array of collections, each bringing a unique perspective and style to the runway. The event featured the creative talents of:









Joining these established names were the six iAcademy Fashion Design graduates, who made their debut with distinct and captivating collections:

Joanna Santos - Presented contemporary and avant-garde couture with bold silhouettes and intricate details.

Jannah Collado - Showcased a grunge style inspired by personal traumas and phobias, highlighting the transformative power of fashion.

Abby Fernandez - Introduced a streetwear collection influenced by Japanese culture and urban spirit, emphasizing creativity and sustainability.

Ellyn Denubo - Offered an experimental approach with unconventional cuts and materials, providing a fresh perspective on self-expression.

Megan Davies - Displayed a blend of modern aesthetics and timeless elegance. ● Elene Mariano - Celebrated cultural heritage with a contemporary twist in her designs.

The event was divided into two shows, each bringing its unique flair:

Afternoon Show: The grand opening began at 5 PM, featuring a variety of collections from various designers, setting an inspiring tone for the day.

Evening Show: Starting at 8 PM, this segment spotlighted the iAcademy graduating students' collections, with P-pop groups and Rabin Angeles adding extra excitement to the runway.

Style Conquest is dedicated to creating opportunities for emerging designers, providing a platform for everyone. This event embodies inclusivity and artistic freedom, celebrating the innovative spirit of all designers.

Style Conquest 2024 was a testament to the creativity and innovation of both the iAcademy graduating fashion designers and the broader fashion community. As the event concluded, the excitement and inspiration it generated continued to resonate, promising a bright future for these talented designers and the industry as a whole.

R PR and Productions, the team behind the successful Style Conquest 2024, is thrilled to announce that Style Conquest will return this October. Stay tuned for more details as we prepare for another incredible showcase of fashion and talent.

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