Janina Vela Janina Vela Hesitate

Janina Vela released her debut single, Hesitate; reached Top 5 of Spotify Viral Chart

5:59 PMChristian Melanie Lee
Shanti Dope Shanti Dope Materyal

Shanti Dope released Materyal EP; Debut single Nadarang topped Spotify PH's Top 50 Viral Chart

7:20 PMChristian Melanie Lee
Katy Perry in Manila Katy Perry Witness The Tour Manila 2018

Katy Perry set to return in Manila for her Witness: The Tour on April 2, 2018

9:59 AMChristian Melanie Lee
GetMusic NURock Years

What happened at GetMusic NURock YEARS concert?

10:36 PMCaren Gudiaga
ASEAN-Korea Flute Festival

ASEAN-KOREA Flute Festival: Strengthening cultural ties, shared traditions in Asia

5:26 PMChristian Melanie Lee

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