A night to remember | Our #FinalAnberlinShowInManila experience

Christian Melanie Lee

A night to remember. As rock band, Anberlin staged their farewell show recently held at SM North Edsa-Skydome. It was their third time to visit the country. Ian and I were both ecstatic over what will happened on the night of Sept. 13.

Last July, upon learning the news that the guys from Winter Haven, Florida, Stephen Christian, Deon Rexroat, Joseph Milligan, Nathan Young and Christian McAlhaney will be having their last concert here in Manila, we're both excited to watch them because it was our first time to see them live.
Our Anberlin tix

Thirty minutes before it started, I arrived after travelling from an awarding ceremony, and exhausted over the horrible traffic that I ended up taking some risk hoppin' in the MRT. A staff from Pulp Live World recognized me (we visited to Pulp office few weeks back.) and placed the tag for the Gold section on my right wrist. Ian came in just minutes before the show began.

Fantastic setlist that Pulp conducted a survey online which the band performed that night. Gushes over *Fin, sang our heart out with the tune of Godspeed, Adelaide, Paperthin Hymn, Take Me (As You Found Me), Dismantle.Repair, and also slammin over Time and Confusion. I think they sang around 20 songs during that night!

One of my favorite part of the show when they sang Godspeed at the end of the concert which the crowd waving the crossed fingers' gesture. I was a bit sadden when I learned that Anberlin will end their final tour because they are breaking up. I've been a fan since 2005, and teary eyed when I finally saw them on stage.


"When memories fade
 We've got each other
 When time and confusion collide
 Singin' I hold it all when I hold you"-Anberlin's Time and Confusion

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