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Into The Wild with Lewis Watson | Wanderland Music Festival 2015

Good music, good company, good vibes. These are the highlights of this year's Wanderland Music and Arts Festival. The festival featured the Hip-Hop and EDM icons, Kid Cudi and RAC. Local DJs and indie acts also graced the festival. Wanderland 2015 is unforgettable for me because I was able to see and meet the English singer-songwriter, Lewis Watson. 

I became a fan of Lewis Watson after hearing his debut album 'the morning'—which was released last year. His music talks about various forms of love. His music helped me because I could relate to his songs, it's amazing to know other people know the exact experience you're in and the things you feel. He is a powerful songwriter, I admire how he experiments on songwriting and playing instruments. Because of my love for his music, I tweeted Wanderland if they could include Lewis Watson on the line up a year ago. When it was confirmed that he is part of the festival, I broke all the rules just to see him play.

This year's Wanderland Festival is the most unforgettable one for me. I was also able to attend last year's festival but this time, I went with people really close to me. We share the same love for Lewis' music and we're all big fans. We explored the festival grounds before catching our favorite singer's set. There were activities and booths Wanderscouts can enjoy while listening to live music. We spent most of our time at Globe's Wondercamp, there were lively games and freebies. All of us were filled by good vibes as we walked around the festival grounds under the sun. Our favorite time of the day is sunset, Lewis Watson took the stage.

As huge fans, we were very emotional when Lewis played our favorite songs, we were singing our lungs out. The highlight of the set for me is when he recognized our group. We weren't able to contain the euphoria we felt and we kept screaming “Mahal kita, Lewis!” during song intervals. Because he has a kind heart, he went out and met some fans after his set. We were patiently waiting for him and all of us got the chance to meet Lewis Watson. 


I am forever grateful to Karpos Multimedia for making another round of Wanderland possible and bringing one of my favorite acts. It was a day to remember because I was able to unwind for a bit and just celebrate music. Because of Wanderland and Lewis Watson, I also bonded with some of my best buddies. It feels so great to be surrounded by good people, good music and be filled with nothing but good vibes. See you next year, Wanderscouts!

What happened during The Script's No Sound Without Silence Tour in Manila?

Let’s make this place feel like our own…Tonight, we’re gonna paint the town green.

Last April 17, Irish pop rock band, The Script performed to thousand of Filipino fans at the recently concluded No Sound Without Silence Tour in Manila. It was held at Mall of Asia Arena.

American singer Colton Avery and homegrown band, Silent Sanctuary was the front acts for the concert. Though it's their third time to swoon their fans here in the country, I was captivated on how they interact with the crowd. The show started when they entered the Arena, they sang "Paint the Town Green."

They even performed on the B-stage, and sang "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" and "Never Seen Anything Quite Like You." Stunned over the band's frontman Danny O' Donoghue surprised the people in the lowerbox (envied because I stood at the other side of the lowerbox section), and sang "You Won't Feel a Thing."

One of the highlights of the show is when O'Donoghue asked us to play a bizarre game. The twist: to call the former boyfriend/girlfriend of someone in the crowd and hand over the mobile phone to him. Suddenly, someone answered the call, and Danny said: "Hey, this is Danny from The Script!".

I've been to several concerts, but the atmosphere during The Script's concert: lively, and you're always in love while listening to their songs.

  • Paint the Town Green 
  • Hail Rain or Sunshine 
  • Breakeven 
  • The End Where I Begin 
  • Before the Worst 
  • Superheroes 
  • We Cry 
  • If You Could See Me Now 
  • Man on a Wire 
  • Nothing 
  • Good Ol' Days 

Transition to B-Stage
  • Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You" 
  • The Man Who Can't Be Moved 
  • You Won't Feel a Thing 

Transition to Main Stage
  • Six Degrees of Separation 
  • It's Not Right for You 

  • The Energy Never Dies 
  • For the First Time 
  • No Good in Goodbye 
  • Hall of Fame

Super Junior, Girls Generation at Best of Best in the Philippines 2015 #LetsTakeOverSummer

Hallyu wave blasted off Philippine Arena last April 12 as fans watched the much-awaited Best of Best of the Philippines 2015 featuring the hottest KPop groups such as Red Velvet, BToB, Girls Generation, and Super Junior.

One of the reasons why I watched the said concert: I want to see Siwon and Kyuhyun performed on stage. An ELF since 2010 and went hiatus for years due to my job but when I saw Super Junior right after the show, I drooled again for them! Before the show started, I did a little research on their songs, except for Girls Generation which I covered their album launch here in Manila three years ago.

Girl group Red Velvet entered the stage, as they sang several of their hits such as Ice Cream Cake and Happiness. Followed by seven member boy group BToB, they dazzled the crowd with their songs such as Beep Beep, and Thriller.

The moment that Girls Generation stepped in, the audience went wild and sang along with their songs such as Mr.Mr., Hoot, and Mr. Taxi. Too bad, former SNSD member Jessica left the group in September 2014.

Kyunhun, Leeteuk, Siwon, Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Ryeowook also known as King of KPop, Super Junior brought down the Arena! It's their third time in our country. They sang their popular hits such as Mr. Simple, Evanesce, Shirt, This is Love and Mamacita. I was ecstatic upon seeing them finally. Missed out when they did their Super Show 2 and Super Show 5 in Araneta Coliseum and MOA Arena respectively.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun performed “At Gwanghwamun” followed by Eunhyuk and Donghae’s “Oppa Oppa.”

Drooled over Kyuhyun!

Best of Best in the Philippines 2015 is made possible by Globe. The leading telecom in the country gave its prepaid customers who are KPop fanatics an opportunity to enjoy the music and meet their favorite KPop groups as well as experience a KPOP-themed fair via the Globe Prepaid hangout booth.

"Globe Prepaid is all about bringing wonderful experiences to our customers, may it be through our innovative services and engaging events. We are thrilled to have been part of a musical event that drew millions of fans and gave them an unforgettable experience. We also want to extend the KPOP phenomenon to our prepaid customers by offering them the best music experience with Spotify when they register to our GOSURF promos. With Spotify, they can choose from over 30 million songs so they can listen to their favorite KPOP tunes wherever and whenever they want," said Raymond Policarpio, Globe Prepaid Portfolio and Brand Management Head.

Get ready for Wanderland Music Festival 2015; score tickets, discounts from Globe

8 days to go! Let's take over summer! Are you ready for the much-awaited Wanderland Music Festival?

Gear up for another round of the much-awaited music and arts festival in the Metro!An annual feel good habit happening on the 25 April 2015 where the Globe Circuit Grounds will serve as a huge nest of loads of fun, adventure, dining, and eargasm from noon until midnight.

Last year was filled with carnival themed get-up with fun outdoor carnival games and performances from Indie artists from around the world. On its third year, Wanderland will bring the Central District of Manila a full-fledged camp festival experience for a guilt-free music and art satisfaction. Troupes and backpackers raise their banners for a one-day getaway to such blissful and surreal camp experience with outdoor activities such as music exhibitions, live art, treasure hunt, and obstacle courses.

Here's a good thing! Journey to Wanderland Day Camp on April 25, 2015 for an exclusive one-day getaway experience with much-awaited performances from international acts such as Kid Cudi, Rac, Augustana, The Jungle Giants, Youngblood Hawke. Our homegrown talents also appear in this spectacular event this summer such as Hale, Sinyma, Kate Torralba and more.

Immerse in outdoor activities like a treasure hunt or an obstacle course. Write your thoughts out on a freedom wall, chill on a hammock, savor s'mores, and try other cool things. If you thought last year’s Globe Wanderlounge was great, wait until you see what Globe has in store for all Wanderers this year!

Be one of the lucky 100 Wanderers to win tickets

You can earn raffle entries to win tickets to Wanderland Day Camp 2015 by subscribing to Globe or Tattoo GoSURF or Tattoo Home Broadband Plans from March 20 to April 20, 2015. Subscribing to GoSURF 10, for example, automatically gets you 10 raffle entries. Once you’ve subscribed, Globe Prepaid customers can register to the raffle by sending in Wanderland REG <Name>/<Address>/<Email>/<Age>/<Gender> to 2662. Postpaid, Tattoo Postpaid, and Tattoo Home Broadband customers are required to register to the raffle once, but only by texting in “Wanderland Raffle” to 2662.

See full mechanics here.

Exclusive GCash MasterCard Ticket Discounts for Wanderland

From April 1 to April 24, 2015, you can also get 10% off on your Wanderland tickets when you pay using your GCash MasterCard! Swipe and pay with the GCash MasterCard in purchasing Wanderland tickets at any SM Ticket outlets.

Ready to get going? Amp up the excitement, follow and listen to Wanderland Top Hits 2015 ( now.