Into The Wild with Lewis Watson | Wanderland Music Festival 2015

Gelo de Vera
Good music, good company, good vibes. These are the highlights of this year's Wanderland Music and Arts Festival. The festival featured the Hip-Hop and EDM icons, Kid Cudi and RAC. Local DJs and indie acts also graced the festival. Wanderland 2015 is unforgettable for me because I was able to see and meet the English singer-songwriter, Lewis Watson. 

I became a fan of Lewis Watson after hearing his debut album 'the morning'—which was released last year. His music talks about various forms of love. His music helped me because I could relate to his songs, it's amazing to know other people know the exact experience you're in and the things you feel. He is a powerful songwriter, I admire how he experiments on songwriting and playing instruments. Because of my love for his music, I tweeted Wanderland if they could include Lewis Watson on the line up a year ago. When it was confirmed that he is part of the festival, I broke all the rules just to see him play.

This year's Wanderland Festival is the most unforgettable one for me. I was also able to attend last year's festival but this time, I went with people really close to me. We share the same love for Lewis' music and we're all big fans. We explored the festival grounds before catching our favorite singer's set. There were activities and booths Wanderscouts can enjoy while listening to live music. We spent most of our time at Globe's Wondercamp, there were lively games and freebies. All of us were filled by good vibes as we walked around the festival grounds under the sun. Our favorite time of the day is sunset, Lewis Watson took the stage.

As huge fans, we were very emotional when Lewis played our favorite songs, we were singing our lungs out. The highlight of the set for me is when he recognized our group. We weren't able to contain the euphoria we felt and we kept screaming “Mahal kita, Lewis!” during song intervals. Because he has a kind heart, he went out and met some fans after his set. We were patiently waiting for him and all of us got the chance to meet Lewis Watson. 


I am forever grateful to Karpos Multimedia for making another round of Wanderland possible and bringing one of my favorite acts. It was a day to remember because I was able to unwind for a bit and just celebrate music. Because of Wanderland and Lewis Watson, I also bonded with some of my best buddies. It feels so great to be surrounded by good people, good music and be filled with nothing but good vibes. See you next year, Wanderscouts!