Katy Perry ROARs in Manila!

Gelo de Vera
From being one of the boys to giving you California dreams and now promoting positivity and letting the light in. Katy Perry is a global sensation with smash hits "Roar", "Dark Horse", "Unconditional Love" and "Birthday" from her latest album PRISM. Katy Perry has toured the world promoting her album with the theme of letting the light & positivity in. The Prismatic World Tour is 2014's highest selling tour for a female artist. The concert tour successfully made a stop in the Philippines brought by AEG Live. 

Katy Perry graced our country as the very first international artist to ever headline the biggest indoor arena in the world—the Philippine Arena. May 7, 2015 is one of the most memorable days a Katycat have experienced. A pre-concert party happened a few hours before the show, organized by AEG Live, Smart, Guess and the people from Katy Perry Philippines. Fans had the chance to shop for official merchandise, explore booths, join activities prepared by the fan club and win prizes. The official merchandise allowed fans to get limited concert memorabilia like an official tour book, light sticks, cat ears, button pins and official tour shirts. These activities/booths prepared Katycats for the performance Katy Perry has prepared and completed the Prismatic Tour experience. 

The fans roared as Katy Perry took the stage and performed the debut single from PRISM "Roar". Katy continued to impress the crowd as she emerge in different outfits and perform different tracks from her latest album. The stage was lit up by breath-taking visuals and props for each song. She didn't forget to perform her old hits, a remix version of "I Kissed A Girl", an acoustic performance of "Thinking Of You", "E.T.", "Teenage Dream" and the final/encore song "Firework" introducing the Prismatic Vision glasses. The Prismatic Vision glasses took the visuals on a whole different level allowing the fans to enjoy the visuals prepared. The highlight of the night was when she called out a fan who was wearing a replica of one of her outfits, she asked the fan named Marty to teach her some Tagalog words and in exchange, she took a selfie with Marty. Fans were very happy to see one of their fellow Katycat achieve his dream of meeting their queen. The estimated number of attendants who saw Katy Perry's The Prismatic World Tour is 30,000 making the concert tour one of the biggest to ever grace our land. 

Katy Perry successfully gave the crowd a night to remember. The crowd was able to forget their problems for a little while and allowed light and positivity to enter their minds—while dancing and singing to Katy Perry's tunes. Katy dedicated a song about loving people unconditionally to the 30,000 fans who saw her live. Katy Perry inspired fans to remove darkness from their body and just take the right path and allow positivity to come in. The fans didn't just pay to witness a great show, they paid to let the light in.