Bigbang MADE Tour Concert in Manila!

Karen Meets World
BIG number of crowds flocked at the concert hall around 7:30pm with their light sticks and banners for the boys. Everyone was very excited shouting their hearts out while the huge screen shows BIGBANG's music videos.

The shouts gets louder and louder when Bigbang MADE La Shoot and RED introduction video flash the screen while each member entered the stage signaling the official start of the concert. They sang Bang Bang Bang along with the VIPsIt was then followed by a crowd vocalization and performance for Tonight and Stupid Liar.

Bigbang Made Tour Concert Video by YG Entertainment

The whole concert was beautifully lit up with Bigbang's official color bright yellow as they sang the chorus part of HARU-HARU. It's a project of Philippine VIPs complementing the BLUE ocean from Bigbang's BLUE

Individual videos of each members appeared in between performances and TOP captured the hearts of most Filipinos'. 

Bigbang spice up the night singing  Bad Boy, If You, and Lies. It was then followed by individual performances of each members:

Seungri - Strong Baby and Let's Talk About Love with Taeyang and G-Dragon.
Daesung - Wings; and
TOP - Doom Dada (when the chorus part "doom dada dida", 2ne1 member Dara were shown on the screen which was popularly his partner to this song as "doom dara dida).
Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips were sang also by the VIPs.
GD - Good Boy hyped up the crowd as he performed it with Taeyang; it was followed by GDragon's solo Crooked.

Daesung strummed the drums as intro to Sober and Bae Bae while a fan video was flashed on screen.

The concert ended with a BANG!!! As encore a short clip was shown and three song numbers were performed: Fantastic Baby, We Like 2 Party and Hands Up.