Fandom Capital celebrates their 1st anniversary; collab with indie band Along Van Buren

Christian Melanie Lee
This month, online merch store Fandom Capital is celebrating its first anniversary. They recently partnered with local band Along Van Buren to be the face(s) of FC all month. They'll be wearing their merch to their gigs this month!

And because we love our local musicians, Along Van Buren's gigs will also serve as meetup/
pick-up points for customers. It's great to see the very reason behind Fandom Capital come to life: bringing different people of similar interest and tastes in music, TV, and movies together. That's exactly what happened between Fandom Capital and the members of Along Van Buren.

The band expressed with their original music and covers, and we do our best at it with design. All shirts purchased from their store this month comes with an Along Van Buren sticker.

Last month, they had a poll on their Facebook page on which phased out designs people want to bring back. Instead of the original plan to bring back only one design with the most votes, they brought two back: Bastille and Echosmith.

Although there was about a 30-vote difference between the two, but the whole time it was a toss between them. And because they're all for making fandoms happy, we decided to bring both back. The Echosmith design didn't make it to print last year, so it's really exciting to finally have them on shirts.

Meanwhile, they are in the final stages of their webstore that will make shopping from them easier!
Although it will still be on it's beta stage all month, Fandom Capital is hoping that this will make things a lot easier for everyone. They also get inquiries on whether or not an item or design is still
available, so it made perfect sense to create an online webstore. This way, everyone gets to
see if an item they want is still available, or track how many shirts are left before a design
gets sold out. We still want to make shirts and bags in limited quantities for that feeling of exclusivity.

Want to know more about Along Van Buren? Check out their Facebook page for more deets!