2ne1's CL's "Dr. Pepper" Dominates the Billboard Top 10 Chart

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American Music Video "Dr. Pepper" by Diplo turns out to be a successful collaboration with
2ne1's one and only 'Baddest Female' and Atlanta rapper-of-the-moment CL, OG Maco, and Riff Raff  as it dominates the 'Last 24 Hours' Billboard Top 10 Chart and gains most number of social media shares upon its released earlier today.

Dr. Pepper MV is a catchy and energetic turn-up anthems of the summer. The four stars get weird on the video, spending much of the clip on a bright green limousine, and party hard on a rented mansion featuring a brigade of women twerking.

The video also highlighted animated visuals including dinosaurs, pikachus and Dr. Pepper cans floating around the screen.

Dr. Pepper Music Video Origin

CL spoke about the tracks' somewhat hilarious origins on The Fader "Diplo canceled a session on me and I was so mad at him. I was drinking a can of Dr. Pepper and wrote the song so I could go home as soon as possible. Diplo ended up loving it." 

The addictive and repetitive hook Dr. Pepper is one of the Best Songs of 2015 so far, and its largely due to Diplos' eye clawing stomps, and CL's exploding personality.

CL's Future American Solo Album Debut

The 24-year-old YG artist is only just starting to break in US music market and looks like she deservedly so.

Watch the music video appetizer above ahead of her official US debut single.