The Maine thrilled their Filipino fans at Ayala Fairview Terraces

Caren Gudiaga
The Maine, a band from Arizona, visited Manila last August 11, 2015 for their 8123 Manila DVD launch held at Fairview Terraces.

Crowd around Fairview Terraces during The Maine's DVD signing

The band generously signed all the DVD bought by their fans at the venue. You can really see it to their faces that they're really happy to be back in our country. The way they entertain the fans during the meet & greet and the way they smile and hug all the girls (and even boys), it was really heart warming.

8123 DVD *weeee*

After the DVD signing...
Pat Kirch, drummer of The Maine, took some photos of the Manila crowd.

After 2 hours of DVD signing, John O'Callaghan and Jared Monaco serenade the Fairview Terraces of their acoustic set. Wow. That was really amazing! That's my first time hearing them play acoustic, though. Thank you for that awesome experience! But the most memorable part...John's banter! He really is a talker, huh? He really talks too much and I like that especially when a band performs in live. You know, it's not just music, we need also some funny entertainment during the show. ;)

"We're All Time Low" 
- John said we he introduces their self when they got up the stage. *lol*

Thank You Pulp Live World and Fairview Terraces for this awesome night with The Maine. 

The Maine set list:

1. Miles Away
2. Sad Songs
3. This House is not for Sale (Ryan Adams' cover)
4. Love and Drugs
5. English Girls