Fantastic, rockin' Bazooka Rocks 4

Caren Gudiaga
On its 4th year of rocking and moshing, Bazooka Rocks showed once again the unforgettable event to everyone who loves concert and music festival.

People are looking forward to see their favorite bands. Our very own local bands were there -- Absolute Play, Sirens, Faintlight, Fastpitch and Urbandub. Foreign bands including Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, This Century and Never Shout Never. Beach Weather and Nick Santino didn't make it to the event due to terrible flight problems.

The show started late. Supposed to be 12nn but started at 4pm. Upon entering the concert venue, I can't help myself but get amazed by the "fiesta" theme that Pulp put up inside the Samsung Hall. Colorful banderitas hanging on the ceiling, and the booth inside were so cute... and sparkling! Photo booth and food stall are still present inside despite of having a limited space and my favorite Happee Zoo and band merch are located outside the auditorium.

The first band was Absolute Play and they were awesome!

The 2nd local band was Sirens. My friends and I enjoyed their set and that was the 2nd time we saw them live. Sirens' singer sounded like Gab Alipe of Urbandub when singing (and even talking). LOL.

The 3rd local band to perform was Faintlight and this was their 2nd time in Bazooka Rocks. I got to meet the dudes during the meet and greet and they were all approachable.

The 4th local band was Fastpitch. The singer has a good vocals and growl. My first time to watch them live. It didn't disappoint me. They're really good since I've been hearing good feed backs already about this band before and they were right!

Aside from awesome live music from the band;  Pulp have prepared some 'play time' thing going where fans can interact with their favorite foreign band member and play Guitar Hero with them. Just a friendly competition and entertainment. 

Paul and Eric of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk played Guitar Hero with Filipino fans.

 Paul of CNCC
 Eric of CNCC

Back to the show. Since, Nick Santino and the Beach Weather didn't make it to play with us live at the Bazooka Rocks stage, they still make it and play for everyone via video. They played a song to everyone. For me, that's one of the sweetest thing and they put so much effort just to fill-in their absence in the event. People taking videos while watching it on-screen. I wish they could just teleport and perform for us in flesh. Of course, that's impossible to happen. Hope they could make it next time, Bazooka Rocks 5 maybe? *crossed fingers*.

(photo credit: Michelle Bagood)

The band I'm really looking forward to see in Bazooka Rocks 4 - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - a french rock band from Paris, France. 

Opening their set with a song Haters Gonna Hate from their album Pardon my French. They also sang my favorites too -- Taking Chances, Restart, I am Nothing Like You, All Star a cover by Smash Mouth and ended up with the song In Friends We Trust from their album Something for Nothing.

Bert Poncet also took an effort to speak in our language, and it's very funny and cute! One of the highlights of their set. 

our Philippine flag with CNCC written on it! 

 Bastien Lafaye while drinking Red Horse Beer 
on the m&g line. Hello, Bert!

C!NCC! set list:

Haters Gonna Hate
Playing Dead
Taking Chances
All Star
Reasons To Turn Back
Pull You Under
Captain Blood
I Am Nothing Like You
The Other Line
In Friends We Trust

This Century takes the stage after CNCC, a band from Phoenix, Arizona. It's my 3rd time to see This Century live, They played new songs and old songs. Wow. I really miss them so much. I wish they didn't break up. 

The first song they played was Soul Sucker. I remember we heard that song from the outside of Samsung Hall while we are waiting because bands are still rehearsing inside. I really love when they played old songs ('cause that's the time when I got hooked on their music and that's the music that still remains in me. I'm not really familiar with their new songs, though. But I will catch up on that!). They sang Hopeful Romantic, To Love and Back, Everywhere Everything, Skeletons, Beach Blonde, Slow Dance Night and Sound of Fire.

 Joel Kanitz of This Century

This Century set list:

Soul Sucker
Hopeful Romantic
Young and Useless
To Love and Back
Wonder Why
Everywhere, Everything
Talk to Talk
Money Honey
Tip toe
Night Owl
Beach Blonde
Slow Dance Night
Sound of Fire

The 5th local band performed the night was Urbandub! Another band who will break-up after this year :( I wish they didn't, they're one of the best OPM bands right now! Their songs are just... emotional! The lyrics of their songs really strike you right in the feels. Gab said that we, our generation, should always keep supporting OPM music. They played Endless, First of Summer and their last song Guillotine. 

The last band performed the Bazooka Rocks 2015 is Never Shout Never! The dudes from Missouri who traveled so far just to perform for us! 

Christofer Drew

Not a usual BRF headliner compare to previous BRF's (which are heavy rock/ punk rock bands). But this one is very chill to watch. Christofer Drew is very cute, though. He really showed his love of different musical instruments and used it in every songs they play. He even multi task while playing. From acoustic guitar, ukulele, electric guitar, harmonica, and this cute little whistle. He is very talented. They were amazing, no doubt that they headlined this years Bazooka Rocks!

 Joey Thunder

Never Shout Never set list:

On the Brightside
Black Cat
Wild Child
Imagine (cover)
Sweet Perfection
Red Balloon
I Love You More Than You Will
Time Travel

Another successful event from Pulp Live World. Can't wait to know what's in store for us in Bazooka Rocks 5.  

Bazooka Rocks 4 is an intimate show where fans can really interact with their favorite bands. I must say that I was satisfied on the event because I got to meet most of the bands who played (from OPM bands to international bands) and have had a photo/ selfie with them, that I didn't experience in the previous BRF (unless you avail the Pulp Royalty). A different experience for me because meeting your idols can't be experience by everyone. Pulp gave us the chance to have a memorable moment with our favorite bands in this Bazooka Rocks 4 and I am beyond thankful for that opportunity. 

Merci, Pulp Live World!